We Have Been Featured In & Presented At Tiny Little Businesses (TLB) - Education For Creators | by André & Anita Chaperon

We Are Creators. (Manifesto)

Creators create customer-funded businesses. We choose to never be beholden to shareholders, only to our customers, our true fans.

In 2009, after being a full-time affiliate for the past five years, we decided our mission was to serve and educate creators like us.

As creators, we’re driven to serve.

All of us, as creators, share this same human need for meaning and helping others progress.

We know and believe that our audience isn’t there to serve us.

We serve FIRST.

Creators are indie writers, marketers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, bloggers, photographers; anyone who is drawn to create “art” for the betterment or enjoyment of others, and does it ahead of profit.

We Are Creators

We get to earn an independent living as a RESULT of SERVING and MATTERING to our audience.

A dynamic that’s lead with empathy.

We’re driven by a higher purpose that transcends the commodity-driven dog-eat-dog world we live in today.

A world powered by a money-first mentality where the goal is to win at all costs.

Commoditized product launches driven and motivated to earn millions. To create the next “unicorn” startup with the only goal to close multiple angel rounds, then to exit and cash in. Then do it all again, like a notch on the bedpost.

A world where crushing the competition is seen as a badge of honor.

A world powered by Big Data and artificial intelligence and chatbots and automation out the wazoo. So we can track the movements and buying behavior of every man woman and child. Not so we can seek to serve them, but so we can advertise to the masses; the data-points on a dashboard or in a spreadsheet.

That’s not us.

We don’t seek big. We seek small; tiny even.

We seek to make a little dent in the world (or the universe).

Make a Dent in the Universe

A dent driven and motivated by serving and mattering to the few.

We’re proud creators.

We proudly create stuff that matters.

Stuff that leaves other people — the weird few people we seek to serve — better off in some beautiful and meaningful way.

As creators, we lead with empathy.

We create world-class education that’s not just another rehashed “photocopy” of what’s already available for free on a hundred million pages.

As creators, we create products made with love that people care about owning.

Products our weird people love so much that they tell others about.

As creators who care, we’re not in the commodity business.

God knows the world doesn’t need yet another mediocre commoditized widget for the attention-deprived mass-market of “zombies.”

We’re not in the unicorn creation business.

We’re in the tiny business, business.

We’re in the human-to-human business of serving and mattering to the tiny. The few. Other weird people like us.

It turns out we don’t need EVERYONE (shocker!).

We don’t even need a lot of people (what, seriously?).

We just need A TINY FEW (honest!).

A FEW PEOPLE who care.

A FEW PEOPLE who will enroll in the journey.

Who care about a human-to-human connection. Where people like us do things like this.

Fortunately, there are people in the world who care enough to be meaningful and specific and focused, as opposed to simply chasing MORE.

As creators, we serve the weird pockets of people who care about being weird and making change.

Who care about leveling the fuck up. Kicking more ass. Or more bootie. Or more anything. Because it matters.

We are creators who serve creators.

We are creators who serve the weird few.

Stealing the mission statement from our friends at Seva; — because it matters to us as much as it does to them — we exist to help creators earn a living.

We’ve been earning a full-time independent living online since 2003 (15 years and counting).

Like 37 Signals (Basecamp), we’ve also chosen to keep our company intentionally smallwe believe small is a key to serving and mattering in a world of noise and distractions.

We’ve prob’ly made every mistake in the book. We’ve learnt from every failure, and we’re better for it.

We’re better for it because, most importantly, it has allowed us to become world class at serving our audience of weirdos.

If you have a pull and desire to be a full-time creator that serves first, and as a result, earns an independent living online, then we think you’ll love what we have for you at TLB.

Here at TLB, we create best-in-class marketing training and education (and have done since 2009) to serve our weird creators and change makers who’s values overlap with ours.

We help creators become better marketers.

We help creators bridge the gap between creating meaningful work and making money to support themselves and their family.

If this resonates with you, stick around.

We’ll help you kick more ass. We’ll help you be the hero to the people you seek to serve.

We help creators earn an independent living. It matters deeply to us. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning, and drives everything we do.

So glad you’ve stopped by. It means the world.

Look around. See if what we have is for you.

Andre Chaperon
— André & Anita Chaperon
(Change Makers & Freedom Fighters)