We are creators. (Manifesto)

Creators are modern marketers, indie writers, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, hackerpreneurs, solopreneurs, bootstrappers, freelancers, bloggers, indie founders, photographers, musicians, storytellers, programmers; anyone who is drawn to create art for the betterment or enjoyment of others, and does it ahead of profit.

Basically, anyone who chooses to earn an independent living by:

  1. creating work they’re proud of (that solves a real problem),
  2. and work that matters to the people they serve (value enough to pay for, and love enough to tell others about).

If you can find a group of people who have a problem and are willing to pay money to solve that problem, and you solve it for them, they’ll pay you money.

The creator believes that your audience isn’t there to serve you.

You serve FIRST.

Creators create customer-funded businesses, where 100% of funding comes from your customers and clients; your True Fans.

It’s a simple win-win dynamic:

  1. Serve first,
  2. get paid (well) and earn financial freedom as a result.

This dynamic means you are completely aligned with the needs of your customers — because the people you are serving are also the people who are giving you money for the work you do. They are giving you money because they are getting something they want in return.

That’s the formula for financial freedom right there.

If you’re a creator — if you see yourself as a knowledge worker (whose main capital is knowledge), and want to serve and lead an audience — you’re in the right place.


We help people create Tiny Little Businesses that matter, businesses that are intentionally small. Tiny doesn’t mean insignificant or “low profit” — it simply means becoming invaluable to a small group of true fans.

As creators, this is what we care about. This dynamic is built right into our logo:

Our new TLB Brand Logo

(From left to right.)

  1. Attract a “pocket of people” (POP) who care about making change (are enrolled in the journey),
  2. Create deep nuanced work you’re proud of, work that solves a real problem for the people you seek to serve,
  3. MAKE HAPPY CUSTOMERS. (Create a “True Fans Factory” by mattering to them and serving them as if they were the only people left on earth. When you do this, the inevitable outcome is SUPERFANS are created.)

Peter Drucker once said:

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” — Peter Drucker

… but we believe HAPPY needs to be part of that assertion; to make happy customers. Otherwise, what’s the damn point? We’re in the happy customer business, not the commodity business.

Point three above is the driving force of creators.

People like us.

Most marketers are so busy yelling about their average stuff, so busy hustling for an edge, that they fail to realize that the most powerful option is to create an experience (a product, a service) that we want to talk about.

Creators are driven by a higher purpose that transcends the commodity-driven dog-eat-dog world we live in today. A world powered by a greedy money-first mentality where the goal is to win at all costs.

Commoditized product launches with the only motivation to earn millions. A world where crushing the competition is seen as a badge of honor.

A world powered by “Big Data” and artificial intelligence and chatbots and automation out the wazoo. So the movements and buying behavior of every man woman and child — you and me — are tracked and piped into Black Box algorithms. Not (primarily) so our needs can be better met, but so mass advertising can be sold to the highest bidders; advertising that anyone with a bankroll can tap into to sell their average stuff.

No thanks.

That’s not us.

We don’t seek big. We seek small; tiny even. Small is the new big.

We’re proud creators.

We choose never to be beholden to shareholders or investors, only to our customers, our true fans who love the work we do.

True creators choose not to be in the commodity business.

God knows the world doesn’t need yet another mediocre commoditized widget for the attention-deprived mass-market of “zombies.”

We’re not in the unicorn creation business. Building “unicorns” isn’t a business model. It’s not repeatable; otherwise every company would be one.

We’re in the tiny business, business.

We’re in the relationship business, the human-to-human business of serving and mattering to the tiny.

The few.

Other weird people like us.

As Seth Godin says, “People like us do things like this.”

Seth Godin — Why People Like Us Do This (Apr 16, 2018).

It turns out we don’t need everyone (shocker!).

We don’t even need a lot of people (what, seriously?).

We just need a tiny few (honest!).

The smallest viable audience.

A few people who care.

A few people who will enroll in the journey.

Who care about a human-to-human connection. Where people like us do things like this.

Fortunately, there are people in the world who care enough to be meaningful and specific and focused, as opposed to simply chasing more.

As creators, we serve the weird pockets of people who care about being weird and making change. Who care about leveling the fuck up, because it matters to them.

We are creators who serve creators like you. We are creators who serve the weird few. (You’re “weird” right?)

We’ve been earning a full-time independent living online since 2003 (19 years and counting). We’ve been helping creators do the same since 2009.

We believe small is a key to serving and mattering in a world of noise and distractions.

OUR MISSION: We serve those who serve others. We help creators bridge the gap between creating deep, meaningful work they’re proud of, that impacts the people they seek to serve, and earning an independent living.

If you have the desire to be a creator (either full-time or as a side business), we think you’ll love what we have for you here at TLB.

We create best-in-class marketing training and education that’s not just another rehashed “photocopy” of what’s already available for free on a hundred million pages.

We create products made with love that people care about owning. Products our weird people love so much that they tell others about.

We help creators level-up their skills.

We help creators like you become better smarter marketers; we help you be the hero to the people you seek to serve.

If this resonates with you, stick around.

So glad you’ve stopped by. It means the world.

Look around our blog. See if what we have is for you. Reach out and say “Hey!” anytime. We read all our emails (shocker, I know!).

If you are enrolled in the journey, and care about making change, we’re here to serve you. Welcome to our tiny little world.

— André Chaperon & Shawn Twing
André ChaperonShawn Twing