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Ever read the book ZAG?

If not, you should. It’s revolutionary.

In business there are two strategy choices:

  1. Do (copy) what everyone else is doing, only slightly better, or slightly cheaper, or slightly faster.
  2. Or do something DIFFERENT and truly distinctive. Something that stands out. Something that produces exponential, not marginal results.
Disruptive strategies begin with the courage to zag where others zig. If your competitors are all starting to turn left, you look right.

There’s so much more value for you, and your audience, when you choose to turn the other way.

And it’s actually not that hard to do…

It takes no brilliant foresight. It does not require seeing what others don’t.

It simply requires reading the herd.

When your competitors all start running in one direction, you just need to ask…

What if I ran in the opposite direction?

That said, it’s not a path for everyone…

Because it takes guts.

Guts to stop copying the masses and incumbents, and to move in the opposite direction.

It’s scary as hell rolling the dice.

Yet it’s the only way forward if your desire is to be NOTICED in our ever crowded online world, and to stand out from the others.

The herd mentality creates an opportunity for the outlier willing to choose a different path.

I truly hope you have the guts to at least be curious enough to read what I have to say here about doing email marketing differently.

Like I said earlier, it’s in your interest. And you’ll be handsomely rewarded as a result.

Ready to come down the rabbit hole with me? Come take a peek and what you’ve been missing out on.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be played like the herd play the game…

I’ve been doing the complete opposite since 2004, and have been teaching others how to successfully do the same since 2009.

Their bank accounts are proof that email zagging works far better than zigging.

Let me give you a glimpse at what that looks like. It won’t cost you anything other than your time and attention for a few minutes.

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