Hey – I’m Anita!

Anita Chaperon (Mindvalley, Costa Rica, 2015)

A very unflattering (but genuine) pic of me presenting at Mindvalley, Costa Rica, 2015

… good to meet you virtually :o)

What follows are a few bits about me that you might find useful, or curious without overindulging my ego (well maybe just a little).

I’m on a mission to help you realise that taking care of business, means also taking care of the Business of YOU! Now — more than ever — you MUST step up and take your position as its CEO.

You can’t afford to split business from wellbeing.

They occupy the same pool of 24 hours. They draw on the same set of resources – focus, vitality, and energy.

I’m a wellbeing Solutions Catalyst.

Which means that I help business owners (Creators like you and me) to figure out how to take the next Tiny Little Action towards creating the wellbeing and vitality they desire. So that they can enjoy their life’s work more, and for a lot longer.

No, I don’t pretend to have the magic potion to solve your health problems in one swift blow.

Newsflash: no one does.

Instead, I can help you figure out how you perform at your best. Which gives you an understanding of how to make healthy changes in a way that suits you. Which in turn makes the changes easier to fit into your life, and to keep them for longer.

Longer than a diet, or most other pre-prescribed lifestyle plans.

I aim to pay attention to what inspires you to change for the better. And to help you figure out how to get from a burning desire for health, to in-the-trenches-action, to ultimately – living a vibrant, healthy life you love.

Too many of us fall victim to our passion to serve others.

Our businesses consume our every waking hour, at the expense of family and personal time and health. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen people like us burn out and crash in poor health.

Things are changing.

And they’ll change even faster in the next 2-5 years…

Change is HARD.

But it’s the only constant.

And right now – it’s a necessity.

The current way of sick-care isn’t working so great.

We’re getting sicker by the year.

AND we’re getting sick in very different ways than before.

That’s because of the complexity of our environment – unfamiliar toxins, unrestricted (in time and geography) social pressures…

Nomad lifestyle choices separate us from our families and otherwise nurturing social circles.

Not to mention the unlimited and unknown amounts and cocktails of new stressors barraging our systems.

Did you know that roughly 75% of toxic chemicals in our everyday lives only came to existence in the last 10 years.

Evolutionarily speaking, our bodies have NO CLUE about how to deal with this toxic stew!

Add the realisation that the healthcare industry is just as despondent and confused about the way forward – because we’re living longer than ever before, and getting sick in a more complex way.

And you’ll soon realise the onus is on you, to nurture yourself through the transition.

We’ve no one else to rely on to know our wellbeing “landscape“.

But change is hard.

It often makes us feel we have to give up what we love. And all just so we get to a new status we don’t know will suit us.

That’s WHY I do what I do.

What I can do for you – a brief view.

I’m a creator like you.

With 16+ years experience in running our business (and 22+ years in the health and fitness space). You’d not be wrong to assume I have extensive knowledge of our unique work environment.

I’m also passionate about creating clarity out of complex topics.

And I love using productivity and optimisation to create more efficient ways to do stuff. I’m a problem-solver and a lifelong learner AND a do-er.

So I’m coming at the wellbeing “thing” from a business mindset angle, but armed with a broad knowledge of how our ecosystem (our body) works.

For you this means that you get to do things with familiar terms and tools. The stuff you do to ace your business – that sh1t works like gang-busters on your health too.

It minimises your learning curve.

It allows you to think of your business and your health on the same plane – same 24hrs – same bucket of energy, focus, and vitality.

I’ll get to why you should pay attention to or believe what I have to share in a minute.

Bit first – if you’re looking to start a healthier lifestyle, without having to turn your life upside-down, and you’re happy to do things your way, and on your own time schedule. Then check out the Bio-Upgrade Method – Quick Start Track.

  • It’s a low-stress method that allows you to create and manage your best health.
  • It’s like a cross between Kaizen and Tiny Habits, with 22+ years of health know-how, and optimised in a neat 3-step process.
  • You learn it once – then rinse and repeat as you see fit.

If you have a chronic condition, and don’t know where to start with finding a solution.

Or you’ve been running around for months (in some cases years) still looking for answers, then the Bio-Upgrade Method is also a good starting point for you.

It’s my best (and most efficient) process for finding the right problem worth solving. To make sure you’re starting with the most likely root cause.

From there you can find and work with a specialist practitioner, while also working on bolstering the basic pillars of your good health (stuff that are simple and unsexy, but most of us don’t do).

Also – if you have a specific wellbeing related problem you need to solve, and you feel you need a bespoke plan of action fast. You can speak to me one-on-one.

In this case – contact me, and let’s see how I can help you find the Most Value for Effort (MVE) path to your goal for you.

Regardless of what you decide about the 2 options above, make sure you listen to my podcast – Tiny Little Actions (coming in July 2019).

It’s where you can make sure you’re kept in the know about health and wellbeing actions worth taking.

Not just any ole’ fad that happens to be vomited out by some media or other. I’ll give you bite-sized actionable episodes that have the potential to transform your health.

You’ll get the tools and mindset skills to create the energy and vitality you want.

Now on to – why the heck should I believe you, Anita!

This is the part where I aim to earn your trust.
Anita Chaperon
It’s also the part I find most awkward, because it’s akin to a peacock splaying it’s tail-feathers in the hope to attract a mate.

Except, there’s always that chance that the “mate” watching is colourblind… or just not into other peacocks – lol!

I tried to bribe André into telling you why you can trust I can deliver results for you. But he wouldn’t fall for it…

So how about I briefly “splay” out how I came to know what I know.

Maybe a bit about what makes me – ME – so you know if we’re likely to “gel“.

And then if you fancy more specifics (that I might have missed out) you email me and let me know :o)

You already know about the 16+ years as a business co-owner…

From the business realm – strategic problem solving, the use of systems, methodologies, and MVE (minimal viable effort) action plans are the topics that kindle my interests and provide a unique angle to the wellbeing stuff I do well.

My journey to this point in life is as diverse as it gets.

I’ve been a graphics and prints designer. A marketing and a project manager for legal tech companies. And I’ve had the absolute adventurous pleasure of working for an online gaming company as their paid search advertising manager (many moons ago).

I’m a certified Tiny Habits and Bulletproof Coach (although I’m legally required to call myself Human Potential Coach).

And I did get a Fitness Instructor’s diploma yonks ago in London (which I’m pretty sure is no longer valid, just like that first aid certification I got at my first job).

BUT: my biggest strength lies in my ability NOT to take rules and boundaries for a given. To target my stubbornness into pursuits of solutions I deem worthwhile.

I’m like a cross between a donkey on a bridge and a targeted missile (neither of which is a very PC reference, I now see)…

It’s a long-winded way of saying that I don’t give up easily in matters that MATTER.

I’m a living testament to that.

I’ve traveled my own health journey. I’d always been deeply interested in health and fitness.

But my “real” journey started 12+ years ago, when I found myself in the local doctor’s office, crying my eyes out, while the stunned doctor prescribed anti-depressants to me…

I was just 31. In a mental state I had no concept of what it was, why it was there, and how to deal with it.

I remember going home and with my logical mind doing a pro & cons analysis. It turned out I had nothing to be depressed about. Yet I was having deeply disturbing mental episodes.

I had stopped myself from dreaming even, to avoid dealing with this state…

I made a deal with myself – I’d figure this sh1t out.

I had to find my own way through – back to great health.

So I got stuck in. Full solution finding mode.

Through sheer donkey-headedness, and a few lucky interactions with some stunning people, books, interviews, research studies and so on, I figured things out.

But it took me way longer to find a solution than it should take anyone – because I had no mentors. And at the time there was very little information outside of the conventional medical opinions.

In the process – because I love learning (and let’s face it – I had a pretty good incentive to), I’ve developed a broader-than-average knowledge base on the wellbeing topic.

Now I’m hell-bent on sharing what I learned (and continue to learn), in tiny little (bite-sized) action-based chunks that fit into your lifestyle with minimal distraction.

Which BTW is the only effective way to create your healthstyle.

The beauty of having to find your own health path is that you get to dig deep. To find the nuances that make the shifts that are important. To mesh and create the cocktails for the effective interventions.

What I’ve learned through trial and suffering, and not being afraid to be wrong sometimes, is now benefiting everyone I work with (and very humbling-ly my beloved family).


Meanwhile in a parallel universe – I love co-running our company with hubby (his real name). We’re as crazy and as stubborn (I mean determined) as each other.

We are humbled by the actions our Tribe members take, and the continuous and mind-blowing results they report – in business and health.

We do what we love, and love what we do!

When I’m not learning or catalyzing (it IS a word – Google it ;o) – I sew, workout, SUP (in the bay of Gibraltar). I make wire jewellery (for anyone who’s not said NO yet). And either cook, enjoy, or seek to find great and healthy, food that makes me happy (and naturally something good to drink with it).

I find this Antoine De Saint-Exupery quote most beautiful:

“It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Pleased to make your virtual acquaintance.

If I can help — you know where to find me.

Anita :o)

Anita Chaperon