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Email Friday – NOV, Fri 17th (The Pro vs The Amateur)

This email is a real life example of the difference between how a pro and an amateur operate…

Turning Pro (Steven Pressfield)

There seems to be two types of business owners on the inter-webs (within our little marketing subculture).

Those who actively play an offensive role and those who are passively defensive.

The distinction being that the former will actively go after opportunities (read: not shiny objects; that’s very different) that will add more value and stability to the engine of their business.

Whereas the latter will wait for shit to happen (or not happen) before reacting.

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Email Friday – NOV, Fri 3rd

(Last weeks Email Friday about Amazon was very well received. So glad it resonated. It’s long-game thinking like that which creates long term positive change and a defensible moat around your business.)


I read a book two weeks ago and I really connected with the thesis in a massive way. Which has already created change in how we “rig” things in our business.

Before I reveal the book, some context and wisdom from almost a decade ago. An insight which resulted in us leveling up our own game.

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Email Friday – OCT , Fri 27th

Amazon Shareholder Letters

Before I discuss the printouts above, some context:

Twenty years ago Amazon.com went public.

And I guess it’s then fitting that, yesterday, after the Amazon’s third-quarter earnings report (which beat analysts’ estimates for earnings and revenue), their share price jumped more than 8%.

Jeff Bezos owns around 81 million shares.

That 8% share bump increased Jeff’s net worth (on paper) by $6.44 billion IN A SINGLE DAY 🙂

(Oh how the other half live.)

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Email Friday: OCT , Fri 20th

So last week I sent ya a link to an article from Ryan Holiday. About how he organizes information and takes notes.

(Huh? .. missed that email? Archive here.)

Well, as a result of that email – some interesting things played out. The “butterfly effect” in action I guess.

One such thing was a customer who emailed me with a link to an article that he had written that complements Ryan’s note-taking system.

Similar topic, different application.

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Email Friday: OCT , Fri 13th

Yesterday I read a brilliant article that I want to share with ya.

Now that we’re all hard-wired with gigabit connections into the “Matrix”, one of the big challenges we all face is how to assimilate all this information that’s washing over us daily.

Courses, books, articles, social, spam (hey, some people enjoy the ads), and offline chinwags with friends…

There’s more than 5 billion people who are calling, texting, tweeting and browsing on mobile phones worldwide right now.

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