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If you have question, comment or support issue, use the form below. It’s also good if you just want to say, “Hi!”.

If your message is straightforward, Nick and Summer (on our support team) will get back to you. If you’re looking for a reply from one of us, it will likely take longer. (Full disclosure: We try to read and respond to every personal email, but it’s not always possible within a timeframe you might consider reasonable.)

Order/Payment Enquiries

We use ClickBank to process our orders. Occasionally, a working credit card can be rejected – either by ClickBank or the card issuer. If that happens to you, reach out through the form below and we’ll make it right.

If you need to update your credit card on file, please contact ClickBank here.

If you need to contact ClickBank for a VAT (Sales Tax) refund, DO NOT use the link above. Email and be very specific that you are requesting a VAT refund, NOT a full refund.

For direct messages, we aim to respond within 24 hours. It’s generally faster during the week and slower during weekends and holidays.

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— André Chaperon & Shawn Twing
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If you want to send us “snail mail”, our company mailing address is: Suite 23, Portland House, Glacis Road, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA, GIBRALTAR.