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AutoResponder Madness

Kudos from Sasha Walleczek

The unbelievable true story of the laid-off, dyslexic flunkee who discovered there’s no list too small when you have…

The “Serialized Email” Strategy That Consistently Pumps Out as Much as $26,504… $49,625 (Even $126,000)… From Tiny Little Email Lists of Less Than 1,000 Subscribers

    — In Hollywood the hotshot TV writers use a little-known writing trick called “serialized storytelling.”

    — It’s the reason why people go insane about blockbuster TV shows like Game of Thrones, 24, and Breaking Bad.

    — And you’re about to discover how you can make at least twice as much money from every name on your email list.

    … by using the same unusual trick to get prospects and customers going insane about buying from you.

From The MacBook Pro of: Andre Chaperon
(Gibraltar, Gibraltar)

I’m gonna share a few unconventional ideas with you today…

Reframe the way you think about your biz & your customers…

Dispel a bunch of the slick IM hoopla you’ve been exposed to.

… and give you a simple, evergreen email strategy that’ll make every name on your email list worth 200% more than it is now (at a minimum).

Over the last five years, this unconventional strategy has been responsible for more than $100 million in email-generated sales in more than 40 different markets (that I personally know of).

It’s unconventional because it uses what’s called “serialized storytelling.”

Which is the same secret that Hollywood’s hotshot TV writers have been using for 15 years now to get people going insane over their shows.

If you know anyone that’s addicted to a blockbuster show like:

  • 24
  • Lost
  • Breaking Bad
  • Game of Thrones
  • … or The Walking Dead.

This unique type of storytelling is the reason why.

It’s so damn powerful cos it triggers an odd psychological “glitch” we all have…

And below, I’m going to show you how you can easily trigger this glitch in your email marketing to get people going just as insane over you, and the products and services you sell.

Which will give you an almost-magical ability to squeeze monster profits out of even the most minuscule lists.

… just like these real-life “tiny little businesses” did:

  • 125 sales from 787 subscribers for a whopping $49,625
  • 232 sales from just 659 subscribers for a cool $22,504 payday
  • 102 sales from a measly 218 subscribers for $9,894 (that’s a 46.8% conversion rate btw)
  • 250 sales from 600 subscribers for $19,250
  • 126 sales of a $1,000 product and a list of just 971 subscribers for an incredible $126,000 — from one promotion

Of course…

Maximizing profitability is crucial for companies with lists of any size.

Even the big ones.

Which is prob’ly why the pros at mega-million dollar juggernauts like Agora, Mindvalley, and Digital Marketer swear by this system.

If you have an email list, read every word on this page.

… cos you may already know “email is king.”

But what I expose you to today you will be far different (more effective) than anything you’ve been taught about email marketing before.

It’ll prob’ly change the way you do all your marketing 🙂

And could help you finally turn your biz into a fully optimized and automated profit machine…

Even if your list is dead and you’ve never studied storytelling or copywriting.

Best part?

Because you maximize the profit you get from every lead that comes into your biz and every name on your list…

And because everything you learn today can be automated

You can grow your biz without buying more traffic, working more hours, building a new sales funnel, or even adding to your list.

(Which makes the time and money you do end up investing into those things worth many times more than it is right now.)

If you don’t have that level of max profitability now…

You are literally robbing yourself — and wasting the time and money you put into your biz.

You don’t want that. Neither do I.

So let’s start right away with a bit of background.

It’s important that you understand the origins of this system…

My Name is Andre Chaperon

SuperFastBusiness Live, 2014 (Manly, Australia)

SuperFastBusiness Live, 2014 (Manly, Australia): I’m on the left, James Schramko on the right.

I’m the author of AutoResponder Madness — the email marketing system you’re going to read about here.

Andre Chaperon

I’ve been doing the “internet marketing” thing since 2003 (after an unexpected lay off — which is a whole nother story for another time).

That makes me one of the “pioneers”…

I’ve seen every fad and easy button imaginable come and go (and die).

I’ve seen the landscape change a hundred times.

I’ve seen good people pour their hearts and souls (and savings) into their businesses.

And you better believe it…

This industry changed their lives…

Some for the better, some for the worse.

Usually, the difference was clear:

The people who built fortunes had a willingness to be BOLD.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

Following the mainstream … searching for an overnight solution … buying the “here-today-gone-tomorrow” fad products … shortchanging customers just to make a quick buck…


Focusing on building a real business … ignoring the promises of instant wealth … providing extraordinary value to customers … and pushing the limits by doing things a bit differently…

Which sounds bolder? And which do you think is where fortunes are made?

Funny thing is…

Most people go through the first group at the start.

I did.

Maybe we’re duped into it by some huckster. Sold a lie. Or simply not given the right information.

The reason doesn’t matter. It’s all a natural part of the growth process.


Like most folks, when I started, I was languishing in the first group.

And I more-or-less developed the ARM framework in a desperate attempt to find something… anything… that would finally get some real results.

… and then.

Vegas… Big-Name Gurus… and My Unexpected $20,000 Payday


You bet.

But it’s how my first “A-ha!” moment happened.

Took me by complete surprise 🙂

It was 2006.

I was in Vegas.

… on a “working holiday” with Anita (my wifey).

After three years of (unsuccessfully) trying to make my “internet dream” a reality…

I’d accomplished nothing more than mediocre results at best.


It was maddening.

I was doing well if I made $2-5k in a month.

Some months were better.

Most were worse.

I hated the grind and the long never ending hours.

Almost started looking for a “real” job again.

But I stuck with it (stubborn Andre).

And eventually — after chasing every “shiny object” on Earth — I stumbled into email.

Like everybody else, I knew email was the single most powerful way to make money online.

… but that’s not what drew me to it.

See, I’m a shy introvert.

And email felt … well … natural (and safe).

It was the only thing that allowed me to open up and be myself.

I loved that.

I’d finally discovered a way to connect with large numbers of people. Something I’d struggled with my whole life.

So it became my “go-to.”

But up til that day in Vegas, my results were still purty much nonexistent.

I had yet to “crack the code” so to speak.

So when I went down to breakfast that morning…

And returned to my room less than an hour later to find I’d just made $20,000

I was stunned.

Couldn’t believe my eyes…

WTF! Moment

I ended up pocketing more than $70,000 from that promotion.

Finished the #1 affiliate. Beat out a lot of “big-name” gurus with massive lists. Names you’d recognize today, like Rich Schefren.

… all from a tiny list of less than 1,000 subscribers.

But going from three years of practically zero results to $20,000 in an hour? … that was not even the biggest reason I was so shocked.

See, I’m dyslexic — literally the biggest “disability” a writer can have.

It’s been a brutal struggle my whole life.

Take your average 12 year old, and a buck gets ten I read and write slower.

No joke.

In school I was told I had a “learning difficulty.” Put on Ritalin. Even held back a year and sent to remedial school since I had failed English so bad.

(The ultimate embarrassment for a lil guy. Right there with wetting yourself on the playground :-0)

My whole life this “disability” has been there… an unrelenting bully. Always in the back of my mind. Filling me with doubt.

Point is…

If I can do this, believe me… anyone can.

I’ve ZERO natural writing talent… the last person anyone would ever expect to be a successful marketer or entrepreneur (myself included).

So to finally find myself sitting there in that Vegas hotel room…

Staring blankly at a computer screen showing me I’d just made $20,000 from something I wrote



The single best feeling I ever had. My skin stands up just thinking about it.

Finally, that demon was off my back.

My potential opened.

That’s the beauty of the ARM framework. It doesn’t require any special skills or talents.

Just a decision to provide genuine VALUE and GOODWILL to your audience — which anyone can make.

And the use of connected, story-based email sequences — which even a dyslexic flunkee can write 🙂

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Of course… it’s not instant. But once that tipping point occurs…


Your business explodes.

which is exactly what happened after I returned from Vegas.

I started experimenting in other markets outside of the “make money” ecosystem.

I quickly become a super-affiliate in verticals such as dog training, World of Warcraft, baby modeling, potty training, language learning, dating (and relationship repair), weight loss, fitness, green energy.

… hell, even penis enlargement (Hahaha! … no, seriously — I identified a desperate emotional problem, and people were paying out the wazoo for a solution, which I happily “brokered”).

I tried it in all ’em (successfully).

The concept worked for me like magic in every market and niche I entered.

And then… just like that.

I was making more in a month than I used to in a whole damn year.

It all happened cos I recognized a simple fact about online business…


Traffic … list-building … conversion rate optimization.

… the magic bullets everyone talks about.

They’re exciting. Dynamic. Always changing.

But… attention?

Not exactly “sexy.”

Yet … it’s more valuable than gold. In this day, rarer too.

Without it you’re in survival mode.

Always chasing the next shiny object…

Buying more traffic.

Building a bigger list.

… resorting to “me-too” hyped-up marketing. Banging your head against the wall trying to come up with ideas for the mountain of emails you need to send each week.

New traffic.

New leads.

More emails.

More offers.


It’s a f*cking hamster wheel.

Yet gain your audience’s attention… and the entire dynamic shifts.

You become a magnet.

People in your audience are pulled to you.

They look forward to seeing you in their inbox.

Devouring every word of the emails you send…

Promo kudos from Keith

thanking you for marketing to them:

Promo kudos from Mark

Promo kudos from Jan & Allen

And eagerly snapping up your offers as a natural consequence of the bond you’ve created with ’em:

Promo kudos from Mick

In short, they trust you, like you, and enjoy doing business with you.

And when you have those things, you’re on a rocket-ship.

There’s no limit to how far or how high you can go.

And dammit, it’s also a cool way to do business 😉

It just “feels” good.

Perhaps most importantly…

… This Makes it Unnecessary to be a Master Marketer or Copywriter

I’m not a copywriter.

You don’t have to be either.

Cos this dynamic actually makes it easier for people who don’t have those skills to get results.

Let’s face it — the traditional, hype-driven email copywriting methods aren’t usually effective for us “mere mortals.”

So we need a different (new) approach.

And nurturing the relationship with every person on our list is it.

Because once you’ve won the hearts and minds of your target audience, they yearn to learn from you.

They know you have their best interests at heart, and put real value in the offers you make.

… so the “sales” process becomes superfluous.

And as a result, you don’t have to be one of the small handful of copywriters or marketers who can “hack it.”

The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.
Peter Drucker
The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.”
— Peter Drucker

This is faster too.

If you’re cool towards your audience and treat them with respect, you can build the foundation with just a few emails.

Vegas … for example … was the first time I truly, genuinely owned my audience’s attention.

I earned it with a single, 5-day promotion.

And within the year…

… This Odd Strategy Was Racking Up One “David vs. Goliath” Success Story After Another

By the end of 2007, I’d earned my audience’s undivided attention, and wound up as the top partner in a number of affiliate contests.

These were high-profile launches.

And I was consistently beating all the “super gurus” — even though my lists were 10 to 50 times smaller…

I was the #1 affiliate on launch day for Chris McNeeney’s Day Job Killer. Sold over 600 copies in one day. From a small list. $77 product.

Day Job Killer Promo Proof

NOTE: Further down this page you’ll discover exactly what a SOS is, and why it’s so damn powerful at generating large cash windfalls on demand.

Yet another $20,000 payday. Here’s a copy of my two week check from ClickBank:

2 Week Check from ClickBank

The following month (March 2007) I was the #1 affiliate for Brent Hall’s Multiplier Method — selling over 300 copies. Again, from the same tiny little freebie list. $77 product.

Luck was now a thing of the past. I knew exactly what to do. I had a system.

I knew exactly how to leverage email marketing in a way that almost “magically” resulted in subscribers taking out their credit cards and buying everything I recommended.

I was the #1 affiliate for Anik Singal’s PPC Classroom 1.0. From a list of less than 800 subscribers. $397 product.

PPC Classroom 1 Promo Proof

NOTE: The $5k was a bonus, over and above the mid 5-figure commission check.

I was the #1 affiliate for Peter Spaepen’s Nanobloggers. Another small list of 695 subscribers. 232 sales. $97 product.

There were been other #1s. Many others in fact. And there were more top 10 finishes than I can count.

So naturally…

… People Began to Talk (Oops!)

I put together a simple document for my “inner circle” of close friends.

That little PDF quickly got noticed (hey, people talk — even close friends).

Soon it was one of the most talked-about innovations in the “underground” IM world.

By 2009, people in my sphere of influence were DEMANDING I sell my secrets.

I was hesitant at first.

Like I said — I’m a shy introvert. Plus the “documentation” I had created of my personal email workflow, was never created “to sell”.

And til then, nobody second-guessed the traditional “churn-and-burn” approach to email marketing.

So I didn’t want to “ruffle too many feathers.”

But I’d struggled for so long I decided I should do something to help anyone who felt lost like I had.

And the first time I publicly launched ARM

… It Sold Out in 53 Minutes

I converted over 46% of my “interest” email list using the exact strategies I was teaching {evil grin}.

… and I still had people begging for access after I turned the cart off.

Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from that first version of ARM. It was nothing more than a 62-page “braindump.”

Yet right out the gate, the first group of ARM customers—just 102 people—started piling up real results in all kinds of markets

  • More than $12,000 in profit from 200 sales and a list of 1,200 (in less than 90 minutes)
  • 52 sales from a tiny little list of just 220
  • 288 sales from a list of 2,500
  • 61 sales from a list of 381
  • 85 sales and $5,695 in profit from just 250 people (34% conversion rate).

These weren’t guru marketers, either.

Just regular folks working, hustling, and making big bucks. And validating that nearly anyone could get results with this strange concept.

Given those results, wasn’t long before a lot of big-names took notice too…

“The benchmark course for email marketing in the whole internet marketing industry.” — James Schramko
“A business-altering experience … his methods flat-out work!” — Jack Born
“I’ve made at least $250,000 thanks to Andre. All the best guys recommend him.” — Justin Brooke

Since, ARM has been used by regular folks in every vertical and niche market you can imagine…

From Forex to boutique Belgium chocolates… ARM has consistently and reliably earned its users their market’s attention… and the unprecedented profits that come with it.

And it’s now one the most popular and highly-reviewed internet marketing courses ever released.

Kudos from Charles Kirkland

Why’s it so powerful?

Because it’s the exact opposite of the churn-and-burn style of email everyone else teaches. Blasting out hard-sell, “BUY-MY-SHIT” pitches.

That stuff’s for amateurs.

Yeah, it can make you some money.

Short-term, at least.

But eventually, it’ll fatigue your list, and burn your rep to the ground.

It also requires constant effort, a big list, tons of traffic, and damn good copywriting chops.

So it’s hard to maintain, let alone grow.

Who wants to run a business like that?

I don’t.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing

  1. you prob’ly don’t either, and
  2. you’ve got a burning question right now 🙂

How Do You Earn Your Market’s Undivided Attention?

The best way to earn your audience’s attention online is by using email in a connected, “serial” email sequence.

Which is the same way writers in Hollywood get people to go crazy waiting for the next episode of their show.

So what’s so special about this serialized storytelling (as it’s known).


Think about any of the most wildly popular TV shows of the last decade or so…

24… Lost… Scandal… Game of Thrones… The Walking Dead…

What’s the one thing they all have in common that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, begging for more?

Cliffhangers. Plot Twists. Unresolved Drama.

Every episode of these shows ends with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger…

An unexpected twist…

Unbearable tension & drama…

… and people go flat-out crazy waiting for the next episode.

These are called “open loops.”

They create intrigue and excitement. They’re impossible to ignore. And they literally force people to crave more of what you have to say.

It’s a simple yet deceptively powerful little twist.

If you’re a marketer, creating “serialized” email sequences like this — emails that connect to one another with cliffhangers, suspense, anticipation — has the same effect…

The long-term attention, loyalty, and trust (and money) of your marketplace.

There’s a psychological basis for why this simple trick is so damn profitable, which I’ll explain in a second…

But first watch this clip of Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss (at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2012).

It explains more on how you can do this with email…

Perry Belcher (left) & Ryan Deiss (right): Traffic & Conversion Summit 2012

This Strategy is So Powerful… Yet So Easy… Because It Triggers an Irrational “Psychological Glitch”

This response is called the Zeigarnik Effect.

And it’s deeply embedded inside all of us.

So it might sound a bit odd (or “woo-woo”)…

… but the “skills” you need to use it are already implanted in your subconscious.

Simply put, all humans have an ingrained emotional need for closure and resolution.

Anything that leaves that need unfulfilled…

A TV show ending in a moment of unbearable suspense…

An email that signs off with a cliffhanger in the “PS”.

… automatically triggers this powerful psychological response 🙂

It won’t stop, and our mind won’t ever fully let go, until the “open loop” is closed.

With this tension… comes an irresistible need for relief.

You already know the feeling…

Your favorite show ends in a giant cliffhanger.

You sit staring at the damn screen, speechless, thinking “WTF!”.

And for the next seven days you can practically feel the need for relief piercing your gut.

Doesn’t matter what you’re doing. The mere thought of the show gets your heart beating faster.

Now… believe it or not…

It’s very easy to put your readers in the same emotional state with your emails.


Subconsciously You Already Know How to Do This

Ever told a friend you had a secret, but had sworn you wouldn’t share it? They bout ripped your head off trying to get you to spill the beans, right?

Congrats 🙂

That’s an open loop. One so powerful it turned your friend into a damn madman. lol

If you can do that in person, you can do it in writing too.

See… open loops can be very simple.

The Zeigarnik Effect doesn’t play favorites.

It’s a hair trigger.

Gets set off by any open loop.

Big or small.

Simple or complex.

In fact, the phenomenon was originally discovered by observing that waiters (yes, waiters) paid more attention to customers who’s orders had not yet been served (an open loop).

Now… don’t you think you can create an open loop about something equally as simple?

Yup, ya sure can 🙂

And now that you understand how it works, let’s put it into practice with…

The Evergreen, Always-On Profit Machine at the Center of Your New “Serialized Email” Marketing System

This figure represents a Soap Opera Sequence (or SOS):

Soap Opera Sequence (SOS)

The SOS is the central workhorse required to make this system work.

Your SOS is delivered on autopilot as a follow-up sequence.

E1, E2, E3, etc… represent each email in the series.

Note there’s no defined “end” to our follow-up. Could be 10 emails. Could be 100.

The number isn’t important. The strategy is.

View each of these numbers as a connected series, and use open loops and cliffhangers to connect them just like a TV show would…

… and you’ll own your readers’ attention.

Simple as that.

Now, Here’s The Ninja Part…

Your subscribers will already be more likely to buy from you as a natural consequence of telling a sequenced story that provides real value…

But you can really blast your response rates through the roof if you make purchasing your products a way to RELIEVE the tension created by your open loops.

This is how me and my tribe are typically able to get response rates of 20%, 30%, even 40% or more on each of our offers (compared to other marketers who go ecstatic with 3%).

This is a very powerful persuasion “hack”.

Best of all, when you plug it into your autoresponder system, it’s all on autopilot…

And I’m sure you can imagine what will happen to your bottom line when every lead that comes into your sales funnel gets automatically guided through this effortless sales journey.

There’s One More Piece to This Puzzle…

It’s the strategy that made me an underground celebrity in some marketing circles.

Once I figured it out I became practically unbeatable in affiliate contests…

$106 EPC

Yup, over a $105 EPC from one email … and a total of $77,802 from the campaign 🙂

But it works just as effectively in your own product launches and “one-off” promotions.

Here’s how it’s done…

As you may have noticed, our automated SOS sequence above doesn’t include manual broadcast emails.


Cos they’re a waste of time (at least the way almost everyone does them).

In other words…

If you’ve earned your audience’s attention and trust with your follow-up autoresponder.

… the last thing you want to do is flood their inboxes with a barrage of disjointed, hard-selling broadcasts.

In real life, we actively avoid stores that treat us like that.

So why would anyone who does business online treat their customers differently just because the sale takes place via the Internet?

It makes no sense.

Yet for some reason, it’s what everyone does.

But … remember, we’re bold. When everyone else zigs, we zag.

So here’s a better way…

And it’s how I “layer” broadcasts on top of the automated SOS to pull in at least $10 per subscriber (all the way up to over $100 per subscriber).

… on every offer I make.

This is cos it maximizes both the immediate profit from the broadcast, and the long-term profitability of every name on your list.

So instead of burning your list to the ground…

Sacrificing the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build…

And making yourself look like a damn maniac.

… this actually enhances your image in the eyes of your followers. And makes every name on your list even more responsive and profitable.

… And I Call These Bad Boys a Product Launch Sequence

A proper Product Launch Sequence (or PLS) is almost scary in its ability to convert large segments of your list into buyers.

(Especially if you can’t write copy to save your life.)

In other words…

If you want to know how to pour a new pile of cash into your bank account… at will… in the span of just a few days…

This is it, tiger.

Like the SOS, it uses connected, serialized stories — only sent out manually, in real-time. To a hyper-targeted segment of your list.

It’s all done by only emailing the right people at the right time.

Said differently … I never email my entire list. I don’t want to show an offer to someone that’s not a good fit.

That only serves to DAMAGE my relationship with them.

so I only send broadcasts to the highly-targeted sub-lists (audience segments).

Whilst leaving the other segments of my lists (segments) alone. In this diagram, the sub-list (segment) I’m targeting is “List/Segment B.”

Basic 'PLS' Broadcast for ARM

I know they’re white-hot for the offer I’m gonna make.

The perfect fit.

So when I send out my broadcast, I will only send it to the folks in “List/Segment B.”

Conversely, the folks in the other sub-lists are NOT a good fit for this promotion.

So I don’t send them anything.

This protects and enhances my relationship with them.

Keeps them nice and warm for when I do have an offer that’s right for them. And maintains sky-high levels of engagement on every email I send.


Since I am treating every person on my list with respect and genuine care, they appreciate and trust my recommendations even more…

Which, of course, makes them even more likely to pounce on the offers I do put in front of them.

I can’t stress how important maintaining relationships like this is to your long-term success. Now more than ever because…

If You’re Not Careful, Chances Are Your Emails Will Soon Wind Up Sandwiched Between “Penis Pills” and “Phishing Scams”

I realize you’re busy, and I’ve kept you a while, so I’ll wrap this up by talking about something that could make or break your biz in the coming months.


If your emails wind up in the spam folder… doesn’t matter how great they are.

You might as well be sending out blank messages. You’re gonna get crickets.

And if this isn’t something you start paying attention to soon…

You’re finished.

Game over.

Thanks for trying pal. There’s a desk waiting for you at an office downtown.

The changes we’ve seen in Gmail since May of 2013 — the “Promotions” tab, Google Inbox, etc.

… have already decimated a lot of good marketers.

Deliverability is getting harder than ever.

Talk to anybody at AWeber, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, etc… they’ll tell you the same thing.

A shocking amount of emails are winding up in spam. Lost in the ether.


It happened with AdWords. Google slaps all but killed SEO.

Companies like Google & Facebook are in the business of keeping their users happy.

They’ll do whatever it takes to do that, and they don’t give a damn if they kill your business or livelihood in the process.

It’s up to you to protect yourself, and if you’ve read this far, you already know what the best policy is.


Opens and clicks.

High readership.

Over the long-haul.

In fact…

According to the ecommerce brainiacs roaming the halls at the research firm Econsultancy

Your reputation as a “commercial sender” accounts for more than 77% of your deliverability:

Sender Reputation Effects Deliverability

… without it, get your mud boots on… cos you’re headed straight to the spam folder.

And nothing gets you a good reputation like the sky-high engagement, long-term nurturing, and hyper-targeted, serialized emailing you’ve seen today.

I promise you this…

If You Use These Principles, You’re Gonna Be Making More Money than Ever

For the ARM tribe, this actually creates a huge opportunity.

We’re not going to be scrambling to rebuild after Google or Outlook or anyone else makes an “overnight update” that crushes deliverability.

And while everybody else is crying into their Cheerios because their deliverability’s collapsed and their business is imploding…

Those of us using the ARM methodologies are going to be scooping up all the underserved customers our competition just left for grabs.

Wanna be on the right side too?

Then here’s how to join us today…

AutoResponder Madness (Email Marketing on Steroids)… Using the Art of “Serialized” Storytelling to Connect, Persuade, and Influence 🙂

Everything I’ve shown you today is part of the AutoResponder Madness training course.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to use serialized emailing to get your email system churning out record profits…

Whilst offering real value to your list…

And building a ton of goodwill and engagement in the marketplace.

This is the Third Edition of the program.

It’s been stress-tested, refined, and proven in dozens of markets for almost a decade.

Improved based on the comments, feedback, successes, and challenges of more than 5,000 students operating actual businesses in the real world.

And tweaked under the watchful eye of my storytelling coach, Michael Hauge — a Hollywood insider with over 35 years experience teaching the art of storytelling…

To a client list that includes Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Morgan Freeman, every major studio and network… and then lil ole me 🙂

Will Smith

No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.
— Will Smith

If you’re serious about you’re business, you should join us today.

Matt Gallant

I consider ARM required reading for EVERY marketer who works under me…”

Vishen Lakhiani

There are only 2 courses I’ve recommended on Mindvalley Insights in the one year since we launched.

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula (an obvious choice) and Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness.

I consider ARM required reading for EVERY marketer who works under me. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and powerful in terms of the results I’ve seen.”

— Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO, Mindvalley

Now watch the video below…

… and pay (close) attention to what Ryan Deiss says from the 1 minute 12 second mark in the video below!

(Btw: in the video below, Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher are referring to version 2.0 of ARM, not the latest Third Edition.)

I’ll Show You Everything You Need to at Least Double Your Business with an Evergreen, “Serialized” Story-Based Email Sequence…

even if it’s your first try.

Steven Resell's first try with ARM

The complete ARM system is taught, “A to Z,” over the course of 18 lessons. Each one is immediately actionable and adds a new layer to the one before it…

By the end, you’ll have mastered the art of using story-driven emails to connect with your prospects.

You’ll have a hyper-responsive, hyper-engaged list that loves doing business with you.

Your automated Soap Opera Sequence will be doing all the heavy lifting for you…

Nurturing new leads.

Increasing renewals and retention.

Upgrading your customers on the back-end.

Saving you time, expense, and effort.

Pulling in sales 24/7.

And you’ll have the Product Launch Sequence in your back pocket — ensuring that whenever you need, you can practically mint money on demand.

Best of all…

Because you’re building real, genuine relationships with everyone you do business with…

All of the work you do will provide value (and sales) for years to come.

A true evergreen business, built to last.

“Seriously, it’s the best course I’ve gone through all year…”

Kudos from Ryan Deiss

Here’s How Your ARM Training Works

Immediately upon signing up, you’ll be taken to our secure membership website.

You can access this from any computer, smartphone, or tablet… anytime and from anywhere in the world.

You’ll learn the system via “Self-Paced Learning.”

The best way to master this framework is to learn one piece of the system a time, at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

So the interface I’ve set up will only open access to a new lesson once you’ve completed the lesson before it. You go through the lessons as fast or as slow as you like — eliminating the possibility that you get confused or overwhelmed from info overload.

And to make sure you stay on track, you’ll also be getting an automated teaching email series from me.

Your behavior inside the website triggers this series. So it knows exactly the right time to send you a specific message to enhance your learning.

It’s like having me show up at your desk at just the right time to give you a little bit of motivation and advice.

If you’re going to run an online business that’s consistently profitable for years on end, you have two choices:

  1. Spend years mastering the art of copywriting and human persuasion and hope you’re one of the small sliver of people who have the natural talent to churn out consistently great copy,
  2. Or…

  3. Use the power of storytelling and relationship-based marketing you’ve learned about today to create a fan-base so loyal that every person on your email list is pre-motivated and pre-qualified to jump all over every offer you make. Instead of years, this can usually be learned in weeks… sometimes less.

Promo kudos from Nick Chalker

Seems like a clear choice to me.

That said, the only way to make any money with email is by… well… writing emails.

No way around that, even if it’ll only take a few weeks max.

If you’re looking for instant push-button riches, this isn’t it.

Yet… I still want to make those first steps as easy as possible for you. To guide you from “zero” to “hero.”

So here’s how I’m gonna do it…

I’ve seen hundreds — maybe even thousands — of email sequences from my students and clients over the years.

Plus the 10,000+ hours I’ve spent doing it myself.

And I’ve noticed something:

There’s a very reliable set of “email response levers.”

These can be pulled to quickly and dramatically increase the effectiveness and selling power of every email you write.

If you’re familiar with the 80/20 principle, that’s exactly what this is.

They’re quick tweaks… yet they deliver huge results with shocking consistency.

Fix a tiny problem here… Add a few more sentences there… and BOOM!

Response soars. Sales get kicked up a notch. Profits climb.

So here’s the deal…

There are 15 of these levers.

Individually, each is strong enough to reliably squeeze new sales out of any sequence.

But implemented together… in the order I provide… and even the weakest, flattest sequences become persuasive, money-making powerhouses.

This is the optimization process I personally use to make sure every sequence I write is going to cram as much cash into my pockets as humanly possible.

No one has ever seen this list before now.

Not friends.

Not clients.

Not business partners.

(Not even my wife.)


But now, I’m revealing it for the first time for anyone who buys ARM today.

“Learn email marketing from Andre, the master himself…”
“Learn email marketing from Andre, the master himself. Conversion rates will go up. Engagement will go up.

I’ve seen it first-hand and have implement his strategies in at least 17 different markets.”

— Ryan Levesque

New York Times Bestselling Author: Ask.

“To do well with FB ads, you MUST send your leads into a funnel built on Andre’s process…”

Curt Maly

“I have personally spent over $4 million in Facebook ads sending traffic into sales funnels built around Andre’s methods.

If you really want to do well with FB ads, you MUST send your leads into a funnel built around Andre’s proven follow-up process.

— Curt Maly

(One of world’s leading experts on Facebook advertising.)

“Andre’s System Has Added Hundreds Of Thousands of Dollars To My Bottom Line!”

Harlan Kilstein

“When I first heard of Andre’s AutoResponder Madness (ARM) system, I was annoyed. After all, what could a big famous copywriter like me learn about writing emails. After all, I was the expert.

Intermission: Time for me to eat humble pie.

After going through ARM I immediately saw the brilliance in it and began using it right away. Over the years, it has added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my bottom line.

The opportunity to be personally trained by the person who created the system should not be missed.”

— Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Direct Response Copywriter

What Would a System Like This Be Worth to Your Business?

I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve said AutoResponder Madness changed their entire approach to doing business (they’re richer for it and their customers are better off too).

That it’s the most valuable course on any Internet Marketing topic available.


Martin Messier

That it’s helped them build an automated, email-driven online operation and given them the lifestyle of their dreams.

And made them (and their clients) tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars…


And in some cases, even multi-millions.

Like when the folks over at Agora… the $600 million per year digital publishing empire… got a hold of it and put it to immediate use…

“After reading Andre’s course, we completely rewrote all of our autoresponder emails.”

Joe Schriefer

“We all know the most exciting time of any relationship is the very beginning. Yet we often forget to focus on that critical time. Andre’s AutoResponder Madness course changes that forever.

After reading Andre’s course, we completely rewrote all of our autoresponder emails — using Andre’s storytelling secrets as a blueprint.

Not only did we see higher sales, but we saw sustained higher open rates as well… with our readers writing back to us wanting more, more, more.

If you’re looking to improve sales, build relationships that stick, and engage your audience with magnetic entertainment, you must pay attention to what Andre says.”

— Joe Schriefer

Publisher, Agora Financial

Not surprising a lot of folks “in the industry” think I should charge at least a couple grand for these secrets. And there are a handful of ARM “knock offs” that are that expensive.

But never mind them. I’ll leave it to the other guys to keep charging a small fortune.

Like I’ve said, when others zig, I zag.

Once you join the ARM tribe, you’ll see we don’t pay much attention to the gurus and shiny object slingers.

We do our own thing. Focus on ourselves. And our businesses.

So how about you and your business?

Think about it like this…

How much money are you currently able to generate from every name on your list?

Now imagine if each of those names was worth two to three times as much…

And if every hour you worked, dollar you spent, or word you wrote did the work of two or three or more.

How much more money would you have in the bank right now? How many hours of your life would you have saved?

If you could write a check, right now, and instantly get that kind of result for your business, what would be a fair price?

I’m guessing a lot.

The impact this system has had on my life is beyond measure.

If I had a simple, straight-forward way to learn it back then, instead of struggling to figure it all out for three long years…

There’s no amount of money I wouldn’t have paid.

And you?

You can get there — today — with AutoResponder Madness…

… for just $400.

Clients pay me $25K (minimum, plus royalties) to do this for them.

… I’m expensive and I rarely ever take on clients (only 8 and 9 figure companies). I prefer doing all this stuff for my own businesses. I only took on one client in 2014.

My mastermind clients (a business I run with three other badasses — Jack Born, Ben Settle & Ryan Levesque) pay $5K – $10K for a 60-minute hot seat (below are some of those mastermind clients):

Oceans Four, Miami, FL
Oceans Four, Miami

Oceans Four, Austin, TX
Oceans Four, Austin, TX

Oceans Four, San Diego, CA
Oceans Four, San Diego

Even an hour of my time on Skype is $600.

Yet, today you can get all my knowledge for less than 30 minutes of my time on Skype.

All you have to do is write one well-crafted series of emails and you’ll likely make your investment back in a few weeks, possibly less.

A few extra sales and you’re in the black.

Everything else after that?

… a permanent pay raise 🙂

Pure, ongoing profit.

An “always-on” automated sales funnel that puts money in the bank.

Day and night.

Makes the $400 you invest today look like a joke, no?

And you know what?

I’m going to (literally) put my money where my mouth is saying something like that.

You’re Fully Covered By a Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

This might be the boldest guarantee in Internet Marketing history (I can see the league of shiny-object slingers sending me hate mail already)…

I’ll give you full 60-days to put everything I’ve said today to test in your business

…. and completely remove the risk in two different ways.

In fact, worst-case scenario…

You end up making $400 off this guarantee, so it’s actually better than risk-free…

First, if you don’t think ARM is worth every penny you paid at any time during those 60 days, you’ll immediately get your entire investment back.

No questions asked.

Just send an email to the support address you can easily find in the course site, and you’ll get your money back right away.

Which brings me to the final guarantee.

… and the one that I’m sure will make me a few enemies within the IM underbelly.

At the end of the 60-day guarantee period…

… email me proof that you’ve gone through the program, written a Soap Opera Sequence, and sent new traffic into the funnel (or expose a current list you have to it).

And if you still AREN’T satisfied with the program…

… I Will Not Only Refund The Original $400 You Paid… I’ll Send You An Extra $400 On Top Of That!

That money will come straight outta my own pocket.

So the risk is entirely mine.

BOLD. I know 🙂

I hope it shows you how firmly I believe in the program that has worked so well for me and my students for all these years.

… and how committed I am to making sure you succeed too.


There’s a Ton of Untapped Money Hidden Inside Your Business RIGHT NOW

Wouldn’t you like to get it?

I’ve given you everything you need to know about AutoResponder Madness today…

In other words, today I’ve showed you how to be bold with your business.

Doing it — however — is up to you.

All you have to do is click the button below to get started.

You’re fully protected by the triple guarantee terms.

So there’s nothing to lose. Nada.

Yet, ask yourself what you lose by doing nothing today…

Cos if you’re not maximizing both response rates and the value of every single lead that comes onto your list right now…

You’ll always be leaving money on the table.

And that familiar feeling that you should be getting more in return will never go away…

No matter what you do.

But you can change all of that. All you have to do is click on the button below to get started.

This is your chance to scale and grow.

To earn a perpetual, passive income. Have the lifestyle you want. Achieve the dreams that set you down this path in the first place.

It won’t happen overnight.

But I promise if you put the work into learning & implementing this system, it will change everything for you, for years to come.

So if you’re serious about your biz & willing to do the work to get there (you’ve read this far, so I suspect you are)…

… why not make it happen by getting the most out of the time and money you invest?

No risk. No downside.

Just unlimited potential with the #1 rated email marketing course of all-time.

That’s a no-brainer, my friend.

All you have to do is click the “Add To Cart” button below now.

… and you’ll take your place alongside me and the rest of the bold marketers inside as the newest addition to our AutoResponder Madness tribe.

AutoResponder Madness (ARM)
Email Marketing Intensive (EMI)
INCLUDES AutoResponder Madness (ARM)

This was an 8-week live online workshop I co-created with the awesome Mindvalley.

It sold for $1,695 (proof here).

I’ve decided to offer the live workshop recordings here, as an “add-on” option to ARM.

EMI is basically a “video version” of my core ARM training, but from a slightly different perspective. It’s around 16 hours of video footage in total.

Why I am only charging just an extra $200 on top of ARM, for EMI, when it previously sold for $1,695?


I know EMI is a brilliant complementary add-on to ARM, which, at the end of the day, will deliver more value to you.

It’s more important to me to heavily bias the value in your favor.

EMI is a series of assignment-based video lessons that will help you execute on the ARM methodologies.

It walks you through the process to writing YOUR OWN soap opera sequence.

So, for now anyway, you get to make out like a bandit and scoop up $2,089 of training, for just $597.

Here’s to being bold and making a ruckus.

You can do this.

Andre Chaperon

— André Chaperon

Author of AutoResponder Madness (2009-2018)


Hmmm… “they” say that one’s picture adds credibility. Dunno if I’m convinced 🙂

Seriously tho…

Put your trust in me and the “rabbit hole” that AutoResponder Madness sends you down…

…will not only blow your freakin’ mind to pieces and stuff your wallet with bundles of new cash…

… but you’ll never be able to look at email or business in the same way ever again. It’ll change your perspective for good.

All those shiny objects and magic buttons…

They’ll fade into the background.

If you’re stuck right now… you’ll finally be able to eliminate the #1 thing that keeps most people from achieving “the dream” — distractions.

You and your business will be free.

Humming along. Churning out sales and profits. Automatically. Day and night.

And you can finally toss all the overwhelming crap to the side and do whatever it is you really want to do with your business and your life.

Welcome to Email Wonderland.

Care to join me?

You’ll get access to ARM immediately, so you can dive in and get your hands dirty (and get your mind blown to pieces).

Remember, you’re covered by a zero-risk full 60-day 200% money back guarantee — where I’ll actually pay you if you don’t get results.