[LLB] Intro (Email 1 of 6)

PRELUDE (May 2020): I originally wrote this email list building bootcamp back in 2011.

I’ve never got round to “updating” it because … well, because it’s still 100% relevant today.

For the past 14 months I’ve been meaning to add more stuff to it. But like I said above, it’s never been a priority so keeps getting pushed down the “to-do” list.

So instead of making everyone WAIT for me to pull my finger out and add to this training, I’ve decided to REPRINT the ORIGINAL training here.

It was all initially delivered as emails over 6 days.

So I’ve simply reprinted those emails here as pages of content, 6 in total (7 actually; the traffic lesson is a new addition).

97% I’ve not touched (because it doesn’t require any changing). But I have added a few bits here and there.

I hope you enjoy this.

It’s how I build my email lists—without a doubt my most important asset I have in business (or rather, when combined with what I teach in ARM).

SUGGESTION: Start on email #1 (this page) and work through the training sequentially, in order. Don’t skip ahead. You’ll miss out on a lot of insight by doing that.

Now without further ado, reprinted below is the original training delivered as emails.

Multi-Page Presell Site (SOI + ARM)