Manifesto: Serve & Matter.

IN A WORLD OF NOISE AND DISTRACTIONS — The “Big Secret” To Earning Attention (And The Freedom Which Comes from an Independent Living): Is to Serve & Matter and Choose Small over Scale

It was October 22nd, 2003 (autumn in London, UK). Closing my eyes now, I can still visualize most of what played out some 16 years ago in that basement office at 28-30 Worship Street, like it was last week.

It was the day I lost my job; the day I was untethered from “the matrix” of the corporate machine.

I feel fortunate that I’ve never had a boss since. In large part because I was never truly employable. “Employment” was always going to be a temporary thing for me.

2003 was my time to embark on my hero’s journey into the scary unknown; infested with great white sharks in the water and monsters on land. There would be no safe harbor.

I was okay with the uncertainty. I intuitively knew the journey would be harder and scarier than I could ever imagine. And the journey didn’t disappoint.

Lean into the fear, I remember hearing somewhere. So that’s what I did. I came out the other side better off. Whatever torturous pain and stress I want through, was worth it.

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

This, however, isn’t about me.

It’s about you.

It’s about your hero’s journey.

I said above that I was never truly employable. And that employment was always going to be a temporary thing for me.

Perhaps you feel the same way.

What I didn’t reveal tho was the universal truth of the situation. That employment as we all know it, is temporary for EVERYONE. Even if you love having a boss and love working in a company run by someone else.

To be clear, I’m generalizing. Yes, some people will stay with a company until retirement. But this the exception not the rule today.

My sister Louise lost her job a few weeks ago. She didn’t see it coming (her bad). Sad thing is that she’s a single mom with two kids (10 and 12) and a mortgage. She’s now doing the job hunt thing, stressed out her mind.

I have no doubt she’ll eventually find employment. But the universal truth is that it will only be a temporary thing, until the next disaster.

Louise doesn’t want to build her only tiny business online. Entrepreneurship isn’t her bag. I’ve tried to nudge her.

She chooses employment because what she loves is doing the work (within a team) and then getting paid. She doesn’t want the perceived stress of having to deal with the “business end” of attracting clients and selling them stuff to turn the revenue hamster wheel around.

Perhaps you’re more like my sister than you are like me. Which is fine. There is no right or wrong.

Whichever side of the coin is your desire or calling, know this:

  • 100% of your financial freedom is controlled by you,
  • You choose your journey and your story,
  • Reaching the destination is nothing more than the determination, desire, and persistence to achieve the result,
  • Employment is temporary,
  • Building a sustainable business online is hard,
  • Employment isn’t infinitely scalable,
  • Having an internet business (asset) is extremely scalable,
  • Building an online business isn’t a zero sum game. Meaning, it’s not this or that. If, like Louise, you choose to work for a company, you can ALSO build a “side business” online. That’s the smart play. Have your cake and eat it. Because why the hell not (see points 1 and 2 above).

Let’s talk about that.