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To Be Whitelisted To Promote Our Products

We use ClickBank to process all of our orders.

That said, none of our products are listed on the ClickBank marketplace. This is because we choose to manually “whitelist” all affiliates first.

We do this because we don’t create products for everyone (the ‘mass’ segment). Our courses help solve specific problems, so we need to make sure your audience is a good fit for our training products.


  1. We need your ClickBank ID (signup here if you don’t have one; it’s free).
  2. Tell us WHY is your audience a good fit for one or more of our products.
  3. Tell us WHO YOU ARE and a little more about your business. Are you a pure affiliate? Do you have your own offers?
  4. Please email the three points above to me here (Heidi will forward the email to me).


WARNING: DON’T USE ANY OF the affiliate links below until you’ve been whitelisted, or ClickBank will not credit any sales to you.

IMPORTANT: For all of the links below substitute XXXXX with your own ClickBank ID.

AutoResponder Madness

The following link redirects to our home page for ARM (beginning of our presell funnel):


This is a multi-step process that gives prospects the opportunity to get a “Free Edition” of ARM, which is delivered over 7 emails.

This email sequence is designed to presell the paid version of ARM, helping you earn more commissions.


If you want to bypass the presell funnel and link directly to our sales page for ARM, use this link:


… of if you want to send people to our Evil Experiment, use this link (it works to presell ARM and introduce people to Andre):


Storytelling for Marketers (with Michael Hauge)



Andre is working on writing more swipe emails. For now we have three emails that promote AutoResponder Madness.

  1. ARM Email Swipes
  2. Storytelling for Marketers
  3. Tiny Little Businesses (coming soon)


Tracking IDs (TID) can be up to 24 characters long, and must consist only of numbers and/or letters (no punctuation or other symbols).

When a sale is made, the Tracking ID is passed into your ClickBank reporting.

To add a track ID simply append &tid= to any of your affiliate links above along with your tracking code.

Example: To make email3 your tracking ID, your link would look like this for ARM:



We pay 50% commission on all sales, including upsells. On each sale of a product ClickBank deducts a fee of 7.5% + $1. Commissions are split after this.

AutoResponder Madness

Price: $394
Commission: approx $181.73
Upsell (Million Dollar Swip File): $97
Commission: approx $44.37

AutoResponder Madness + EMI (Email Marking Intensive)

Price: $594
Commission: approx $274.23

… so you have the ability to earn approximately $318.60 on a single sale of our email marketing training.

Storytelling for Marketers

Price: $294
Commission: approx $135.48
Upsell (Story Critique Recordings): $97
Commission: approx $44.37

… so you have the ability to earn approximately $179.85 on a single sale.

Because all of our products are sold under one ClickBank vendor account, commissions are carried over across all offers.

Example: If you send a customer to ARM, and they later purchase our Storytelling for Marketers, you’ll be credited for that sale and earn the commission — and visa versa.

Likewise, if a customer referred by you purchases one of our backend offers, you’ll earn a 50% commission on that sale.


It’s always good practice to test that your affiliate link is working flawlessly because you push out a promotion.

(This will also verify whether you are whitelisted or not.)

It’s easy to do.

  1. Append your ClickBank ID to this test link:
    • http://XXXXX.amadness.hop.clickbank.net/?r=test
  2. Follow the link (paste it into your browser address bar and hit enter).
  3. It’ll direct you to the shopping cart. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the following:
    • [ affiliate = XXXXX ]
    • Your ClickBank ID should replace the XXXXX

Example for ClickBank ID 90266: