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Tiny Little Businesses (TLB) | by Andre & Anita Chaperon

ARM Email Swipes

BELOW ARE THREE email swipes that should be sent out over three days. Each builds on the previous one.

THE FIRST EMAIL is designed to establish some quick attention and credibility by using a previous campaign results as a proof element.

THE SECOND EMAIL exposes people to an experiment I ran back in 2007. Everyone I’ve shown this campaign to have been blown away and loved it.

This is great bonding email so that people who don’t know me, can get a glimpse into how I think differently and do things.

THE FINAL EMAIL is a quick summery email, and uses a comment from Perry Belcher to establish a bit more credibility and authority.

FEEL FREE TO CHANGE the subject lines and email copy to suit your voice, style, and how your audience are conditioned to receive email form you.

  1. Email #1 (example: Wednesday)
  2. Email #2 (example: Thursday)
  3. Email #3 (example: Friday)

Email #1

Email #2

Email #3