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Our flagship courses will only open for enrollment a few times in 2020. You’ll find our full enrollment schedule for 2020 here ».

Fall 2020 Enrollment (Fri 9, Oct — Mon, 19 Oct)

This will be our final enrollment in 2020 for The Traffic Engine (TTE), Sphere of Influence (SOI), and AutoResponder Madness, our three flagship products that work together to produce a durable business.

Below is Part I of a (free) series we created that unpacks what it means to build a durable business.

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The Durable Business: Part 1
The Durable Business: Part I

You need three non-negotiable ingredients to create and sustain a durable business: awareness, engagement, and conversion. The characteristics that make a business durable include:

  • It’s built to last for the long term (meaning it will create value for you and your customers next week, next month, next year, next decade, and beyond).
  • It produces results day after day, in good times and bad.
  • It is optimized for what matters most to you as the business owner. (There is no one-size-fits-all template.) Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan calls these the four freedoms (time, money, relationships, and purpose).
  • It improves consistently, gaining momentum over time.

Below is a visual map of a ‘Durable Business’ (with high-res printable PDF version for download):

The Durable Business

Download the Printable PDF »

The Traffic Engine (TTE)
The Traffic Engine (TTE)
A Strategic Approach to Paid Traffic Acquisition (Google Ads, GDN, and Facebook)
Sphere of Influence (SOI)
Sphere of Influence (SOI)
A Strategic Approach to Making Better Prospects
AutoResponder Madness (ARM)
AutoResponder Madness (ARM)
A Strategic Approach to Story-Driven Email Marketing (Create Happy Customers)

Questions & Answers

1.) How are products delivered? Is the content dripped out, or do I have full access to everything?

All of our courses are self-paced. You have access to everything upon enrollment. Although it’s possible to tear through any of our three flagship products, we don’t recommend you do that.

Take your time. The nuances matter. It should take many weeks to go through and digest the content. It’ll likely take months to internalize the concepts. We have you back. You can reach out to us anytime.

2.) Is TTE fully released since your April 2020 early adopter launch?

The core TTE training is complete through Module 7. (Module 8 will be added in October 2020.) Client-Services Module 4 will be added in October as well.

3.) What version of SOI will I get? Will it be SOI version 2 that I’ve heard you mention a few times?

You’ll get immediate access to SOI. We’re expecting to release version 2 in early 2021 (possibly sooner for some SOI2 content).

4.) What version of ARM will I get? André has been talking about ARM4 for a long time.

You’ll get access to two versions of ARM upon enrollment. ARM3, which is still relevant. But most importantly, you will get access to some of the lessons of ARM4.

I am releasing modules of ARM4 as I finish them. ARM customers get access to all of this. I’ve released roughly half of ARM4. I suspect that we’ll have it fully released before Christmas.

Do I have to pay for new versions of each course or are updates included?

A5: Our customers get lifetime access to updates for all of our courses. If you had purchased ARM1 for $97 back in 2009, you’ll get full access to ARM4 (which sells for $495) for free, forever.

How to Enroll

You can enroll in any of our three flagship courses below.

Please note: If you plan to enroll in multiple courses (you’ll receive a 10% for two, and a 15% for all three), enroll in any one first, then once you have your log in details, log into our Academy, and from there, you’ll see links to access the discounts for whichever addition training you want to enroll in.

The Traffic Engine

Sorry, our fall enrollment is closed. We’ll open again in early 2021

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Sphere of Influence

Sorry, our fall enrollment is closed. We’ll open again in early 2021

Enroll in SOI ($495) »

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AutoResponder Madness

Sorry, our fall enrollment is closed. We’ll open again in early 2021

Enroll in ARM ($495) »

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