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The universal building blocks of any funnel can be mapped to these activities:

  1. Acquisition (attract people),
  2. Activation (get them to take an action),
  3. Retention (engage with them),
  4. Revenue (sell stuff to them),
  5. Referral (get others to promote or endorse you).

What each of these activities means, can represent (vastly) different things depending on who you ask or listen to.

Without going into each in detail here (this isn’t the place), here are what they represent to us in our business, and what we teach in our products:

  1. Acquisition (attract the right people to our site),
  2. Activation (move some of these people to take a desired action; ideally to join our email list),
  3. Retention (earn the attention and engagement of the people we seek to serve),
  4. Revenue (the heartbeat of any sustainable business is the ability to capture value; which, in our book, is a byproduct of serving first),
  5. Referral (turn our best people into ambassadors, so they spread the word to their friends and social circle).

NOTE: In our book Referral is an automatic and earned response when we delight the people we serve (when we turn strangers into fans, and fans into True Fans).

Our two flagship products map to these different activities like this:

NOTE: SOI also overlaps with Retention + Revenue, but it’s more a byproduct — not the primary objective — of how we approach acquisition and activation.

Learn How To Tell a Powerful Story that Connects with Prospects & Wins Customers

Stories have the unique power to move people’s hearts, minds, and wallets in the story teller’s intended direction.

Stories can, and should, be used throughout your marketing, as you work to move people along the customer journey from stranger to super-fan.

Build a Side Business (for Creators)

Where SOI and ARM require that you already have a business that generates revenue, this course is for people that:

  1. either are just starting out (have no online business),
  2. or already have a business, but want to also create a little side business.

Free Courses

Lucrative Email List Building

How you can build a system to attract an audience, that pulls them towards you (through marketing that's lead with empathy), and build a hyper-targeted (lucrative) email list of True Fans.

This course is an introduction to Sphere of Influence (SOI).