The Bio-Upgrade Method (Quick Start Track)

Dear fellow business human,

If you find yourself here, seeking a way to create or optimise your health in an evergreen and bespoke to YOU way. A way that requires little initial effort to get going, and delivers results as fast as possible (like yesterday)…

You’re in the right place.

Or, if you’re passing by, heavy-hearted in the shadows of the quiet (or not so quiet) suffering, of looking for a solution to a long-term chronic health problem. Having tried the umpteenth healthcare practitioner, with very little progress to show for it (but with emptier pockets, and even emptier energy gas tank)…

Then this is also the right place for you…

The Bio-Upgrade Method (B.U.M.) is to your health and wellbeing, what the Kaizen Philosophy is to your business success and longevity.

Except, you also get the HOW-TO!

  • A solid, easy-to-use method, that helps you create your own wellbeing one simple step at a time.
  • A health methodology created for busy business owners, to minimise the stress and learning curve, so you have more time, energy, and focus to enjoy your business and your life.
  • A way to make sure that, as you head towards finding a solution for the wellbeing you seek, you’re taking the shortest, least painful route, and making sure you’re solving the RIGHT problem.
“The way we choose to get to where we’re going defines what it’s going to be like when we get there.” — Seth Godin

Because, if you’re clear that YOU, alone, own your health path, and you’re ok with putting in the work to get healthy — the only thing standing in your way is knowing what the actual problem worth solving is, and having the right tools for the job.

So right now — if you’re clear on your role and commitment to your health, and you just need to get the right tool for the job, keep reading further along this page to make your mind up.

If, on the other hand, you’re playing a tug-o-war with how you want to solve this health/wellbeing conundrum you’re in — come along with me.

You’ll appreciate the clarity I can shed for you, along with the powerful re-frame that’ll help you see where (and how) you can find your answers.

Why the Bio-Upgrade Method Quick Start Track could be the perfect solution for you?

The Bio-Upgrade Method (The B.U.M.) is different from any other diet or health program you’d have seen or tried to date. It focuses on teaching you a simple method of building YOUR bespoke health set of behaviours.

It shows you how to make sure you’re solving the right problems – so you don’t waste energy on the wrong ones.

Then it gives you a set of 42 health-transforming behaviors, and a way to transplant them into your existing lifestyle. The method helps you select only the behaviors directly relevant to your health priorities. The stuff that you see important and the stuff that will deliver near immediate relief and results.

You like what you see? Then this is for you IF…

If you’ve tried diets before and understand that they don’t work as a lifestyle now (and never will).

If you like to take charge or stay in charge of your health and life. And you feel that the only way to do that long-term, is by developing a skillset that allows you a slow-and-steady, but super-effective way to stack one healthy habit on to another – Kaizen style.

If you’re at a time in your life when you feel (or you’ve been told) you need to upgrade your health, so that you can be around for longer, with better enjoyment of being around.

Or if you’ve been around the “mill” with some chronic condition that’s taking over your life, but the conventional healthcare system is not providing the answers or solutions…

Who shouldn’t signup to the B.U.M. QST?

If you’re expecting a prescribed way of eating and being, or some sort of a diet plan – this is not IT – please don’t apply.

If you expect this to be effortless, passive or easy – a matter of just reading without applying or thinking – this is not THAT – please don’t apply.

If you feel strongly that your health is your doctor’s responsibility, or that the government needs to help you create healthy habits for you or your family – you’re not ready for the B.U.M yet. Bookmark this page and come back when you see that YOU are the only one that can make health happen for you.

What you’ll learn.

  • An efficient AND effective method of creating or optimising your health. You learn it once, and can use it as many times as you feel necessary.
  • This Method allows you to create the healthy habits and behaviours YOU deem necessary for you – right now. So the changes you make are bespoke to you, fit in your existing life, and address issues that are currently pressing – which increases your follow through and motivation.
  • You get a clearly marked roadmap of the entire training and it’s supporting tools – so you know where you’re going from the start. And you can refer to it time and time again quickly – without having to re-read the entire course.
  • You get a complete set of everything you need to just get doing. I share my evaluation, scheduling, tracking and optimisation processes and setup, so that all you need to do is to get going and get results.
  • The “Magic” 5 Health Guide – a list of 42 solid health-building habits to pick from (like a shopping list for your health).
    • They’re evergreen — changes that will make a long-term difference, regardless of what the latest superfood trend is, and how your tastes change over time.
    • They are just-in-time — so you don’t dilute your attention and spend your energy on stuff you’re unlikely to carry through to completion (reducing false-starts).
    • They are cornerstone — so you make one small change, but because it’s been strategically selected, it has a positive snowball effect on multiple other complimentary areas of health. The perfect example of the “many birds with one stone” metaphor…
    • Unique to you and fitting in your life — because of what these changes are, and how I teach you to use them, you will know how to fit them into your life. Meaning – minimum distraction and frustration for your social, personal and work life.
  • You’ll also learn how to be a kick-ass Health PI — which is critical for effective problem solving – which means less suffering and wild goose-chasing when analysing your symptoms and looking for solutions.
  • Lastly – you get a bit of tough love — a few home truths you should heed when on this journey. Things that may seem harsh to hear, but knowing and GETTING their meaning, will just cut through some of the bullshit and heartache you will encounter while looking for your ultimate wellbeing setup. Don’t worry – I kept those fresh-hitting, and right at the end, so that there’s no drama upfront ;o)

How we’ll make sure you succeed.

M.V.E. – Minimal Viable Effort.

I’ve structured the training with intense focus on helping you to get started with minimum effort or procrastination. And to keep you not just moving through the content (anyone can read a product), but taking action only on the parts that are relevant to you – right NOW.

Which means – MVE (minimal viable effort) for you. It’s not that I’ll take you to the promised land without your contribution, but that the effort required from you is efficient AND more effective than a lot of the diet and health plans on the market.

Multi-medium content.

The training is a well calculated cocktail of text, video, roadmaps, and tools, put together in a streamlined, logical sequence. All to help you glide through the learning part friction-free.

And to some extent to prevent you from nodding off in mid-sentence.

Hive-enhanced learning & results.

You’ll join the B.U.M. Tribe and have unlimited lifetime access to that group of people who are on the same journey as you.

I wanted to spare you the usual cliched appeal that “it’s the people you surround yourself with that will help you reach your goals”. But there’s no escaping that FACT.

It’s just the smart thing to do when you’re trying to change and you venture into the unknown.

It’s true in business. It’s even more so for your health.

We’re social animals and need the warmth of other “bodies” when the shit hits the fan. So the exponential power of a like-goaled collective is gold.

You can’t possibly run all the experiments you might need to run to discover the one that works for you. But the Tribe can help you get closer, faster.

You can’t expect to be able to imagine all the possible paths, challenges, dead-ends, and the outcomes of a conundrum? But your Tribe can help you widen your spotlight.

AND the big bonus – by helping others in your Tribe, you learn things for yourself. You learn where your blind and weak spots are. You get a more objective view of reality – outside of the box – so to speak.

And you get to gift another human being an opportunity to resolve their itchy issue

It’s the ultimate win-win!

And finally, and potentially most importantly, we’ll be here to provide the virtual backslap and enthused high-five at each and every success point you share with us. Regardless of its size (yes, you heard it right — size doesn’t matter in the Tribe).

Ready for consumption.

I’ve been in this sphere for 20+ years. I’ve seen nuances most haven’t considered.

And because I’ve also been a business owner and a marketer for well over a decade – everything I think of is in terms of efficient systems and processes. My brain is wired for problem solving (I’m not kidding here – it’s torture sometimes).

I’ve distilled everything I know into a neat ready-to-use package.

Literally – your procrastination demon has no chance here!

How to apply.

Applying is easy if:

1) You’re ready to make some changes to the way you build your health or wellbeing.


2) You’ve already taken the Self Evaluation Quiz*, and are clear on your priorities, and determined to resolve them.

* NOTE: If you’ve not yet taken the Self Evaluation Quiz, you must complete that here FIRST. It’s a critically important step in the healing process. It’s free to you, with zero strings attached. At the end of the Quiz, you’ll be directed back here.

IMPORTANT: You’re covered by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. This is our policy – which gives you plenty of time to see if we’re right for each other.

Anita :o)

Anita Chaperon