The Choice Conundrum You Face as a Patient

So, I’m fresh off the back of reading another diet book (I read quite a few of those as it’s my passion – the whole topic of wellbeing that is).

It was brilliant!

In fact I felt, it was one of the best written and presented books I’ve ever read.

But it was yet another diet book. As great as it is – it addresses just a single health condition. The book before that, talked about preventing and managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia. And the one before that, was a complete guide to fasting.

So, as I came off of this last book, yet again I thought:

“But there’s never one diet or health solution that works for everyone, ALL of the time.”

And most of us nowadays don’t just want to go on a diet, to lose a bit of weight and get “healthy” (health almost always doesn’t equal weight loss).

We might have a chronic condition that’s been plaguing us for months or years and is getting unbearable.

We might have just been pigeonholed (I mean diagnosed) with A condition: low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety – a LABEL basically.

We might be plagued by insomnia. Or have our focus derailed by what seems like relentless anxiety or ADHD. We may be at our wits end with lack of energy – flagging to an almost complete stop at 2pm each day…

Perhaps you have headaches so regular, that breathing seems to have taken a back bench.

Or your mood fluctuations are taking over your waking hours and ridding you off even your closest family and friends…

There are a number of reasons why we’re here now, standing in front of each other – talking.

I picked on diets, because most of us understand (because we’re intelligent beings) that food is pretty important for being healthy.

And we call food – diet…

Diets are so Yesterday though! We need a new “healthy lifestyle”! Right?

We say that, but what we REALLY mean is:

“Show me another diet that looks and feels different from the plethora of diets already on the market – so I think I’m not dieting”

But in reality – it’s all the same thing: Following someone else’s mass-targeted rules that we try desperately to fit into… for LIFE.

Because the logical, conscious, intelligent you KNOWS that diets don’t work in the long term. But the emotional, subconscious, ‘fluffy‘ you, secretly wants someone to come in, sweep you off your feet, and make you healthy overnight, then keep you that way effortlessly – FOREVER.

I’m not being facetious! Or condescending.

Even I, after 20+ years in the health and wellbeing field, still sometimes wish upon a star and wonder where this PANACEA solution is? And why can’t I just find THE answer…

But each time, the only answer that comes back stoically, is that if I care, I have to stand guard for my health and the health of those I love.

The PANACEA it turns out is ME!

The responsibility is MINE…

Not my doctor’s. Not the bloke that wrote the latest miracle diet. Or the lab that discovered that new super food. Nor the supplement that will end the need for all other healthcare tools, if I could just get my hands on it.

Hence the first step towards the health upgrade you seek, is to make peace and internalise your decision to stop looking for THE ONE AND ONLY solution FOREVER.

Stop hoping that your Knight in Shining Armour, will ride in on a white horse and ride away with you by his handsome side.

Not because you’re not worth it. Or because you’re incapable of sticking to a diet. Not because you don’t have the willpower it takes to become and stay healthy for life. And certainly NOT because of lack of information about how to do it.

Here’s the real reason WHY your only solid long-term answer is YOU.

Because YOU, as the owner of this skinbag you live in, are the only one who knows what it’s really like to be inside of it 24-7.

And you’re the only one (and sorry this might sting a little) that cares enough to keep chomping at the symptoms, for long enough to resolve them.

It might sound like a full time job, but it’s the only way to give yourself CONTROL, and therefore a CHOICE over how your health does, or doesn’t shape up.

And us type A’s we like a bit of control don’t we ;o)

The reality is that no matter how extraordinary a doctor you manage to find, you can’t afford them 24-7. They can’t give a shit about you a 100% of the time, from now until the end of your life!

Your Doctor Has a Lot Bigger Fish to Fry

Jokes aside – the bigger, more present and potentially lethal problem we, as patients currently face, is the transitional period the medical world find themselves in at the moment.

There’s more and more of us on earth, living longer and longer.

Medicine is facing stuff it’s never had to consider or explain before — the wear ‘n tear that happens due to long age.

They’re also fighting another monster they haven’t got a clue about – roughly 75% of the toxins battering our bodies nowadays only came about in the past 10 years. Evolutionarily speaking (read in DNA coping terms), we – homo sapiens – have no clue how to deal with the toxic war we find ourselves in.

If you’re still trusting government recommendations about the safety of this, that, or the other, cream, soap, preservative, weedkiller and household liquid, accept this as a not-so-gentle shakeup – they haven’t got the foggiest either.

They might’ve half-tested the isolated compounds that make up a formula, but they haven’t got a clue as to what happens when all of the SHIT hits us in one violent toxic cocktail at the same time, for prolonged periods.

Without indulging too much into the scaremongering potential of this topic – do a bit of search on Google on “the top 10 disease trends in the past 10 years” and you’ll see the tsunami heading our way.

Diabetes, ADHD, Autism, ADD, Digestive and neurological symptoms…

Our kids being most in danger… they’re getting born and spending their most formative years in this climate.

The Bottom Line is – the Way We Get Sick is Changing FAST.

BUT – the standard medical profession is STUCK. Stuck back in the prehistoric days of your grandmother’s influenza or child bearing problems…

Doctors still train and treat the same old ways they used to.

A chilling example:

“Most conventional doctors get less than 2 weeks’ worth of nutritional training in the 6-8 years they study to become a Dr.!”

Nutrition being the number one healing and prevention tool we have!

Another CHILL:

“Most conventional doctors haven’t got a clue about testing or interpreting critical conditions like thyroid imbalances and cardiovascular risk.”

Cardiovascular disease being the #1 killer in westernised societies!

These are the basics!

Conventionally (STILL!) most doctors consider each ailment in isolation. Still looking at isolated organs outside the context of the ecosystem that is your body. Outside the reality of how and why disease is happening NOW.

They see you as a skinbag containing a Thyroid, a Gallbladder, 10 Toes, 2 lungs… You get the picture.

They’ve even managed to split your GI tract in sections — Upper GI or Lower GI specialist…

You’ll be lucky to get a Dr who considers the knock on effects and interactions of one system on to another. How if you get your digestion fixed, you don’t have to work separately on your thyroid, because it’s probably going to sort itself out by association.

Or how something as foundational as mineral deficiencies can’t simply be balanced by adding single mineral supplements to correct them – because none of them work in isolation of each other, and of the whole body – EVER!

If for example you’re taking Ca, Fe, or vit C supplements alone, you’re likely causing serious damage to your Cu, Mg and Zn dependent functions, if you’re not ingesting enough of those to balance the first 3 out. This is some serious stuff. With serious consequences to your short and long term health.

I’m of course over-simplifying but it’s a good enough illustration of reality.

But either you end up being treated with a gazillion things never giving yourself, or your body, the time to heal and show you that it has.

Or you get treated just for one thing that happens to be a symptom, not a cause, which then overloads and breaks something else. Then you’re having to move on to fixing that! And then push something else out of balance…

But While the Good Doctors Are Playing Catch-up…

On the positive side of things though, medical advances are now happening at a faster rate than ever before. We have more access to information, to treatments, facilities, experts, and apps.

The stuff the researchers discover reaches us faster and at a lower cost (we’re on course to be able to sequence a full human genome for under $100 and 5 hours before the end of this year… Something that was impossible just 15-16 years ago).


OK, so if we agree that change is happening all around us as patients. And while the doctors play catchup between how they serve us, and the amount of new info and treatments becoming available, the “magic” wand is still firmly in our hands.

It’s down to us to weave our own safety net, by being interested enough to take control, by educating ourselves, and running self experiments to determine the right solutions for us – at this time in life.

The way I see it – we have no choice.

Because in the meantime, life goes on.

Wear ‘n tear will continue to happen to you as you live. And unfortunately, different things will pop their ugly head up from time to time, if not chronically. We need to have a way to heal, and move on with enjoying life, and doing the work that matters for the people whom we’ve chosen to serve.

Your Body is an Ecosystem

You can’t even fully rely on the good doctors that ARE somewhat up to speed – like functional medicine practitioners. Because the stuff that’s happening to our bodies is so new – we don’t know how it will behave in the ecosystem that is YOUR skinbag, and in the long term.

We can’t wait for those clinical trials to put out some proven research. We don’t have the 10-15 years this requires!

Now – I’ve mentioned “Your Body is an Ecosystem” a few times already. And the fact that it’s up to us to take care of and nurture it into a vivacious ripe old age.

Which is why I want to give you a powerful but simple analogy to help you effortlessly maintain homeostasis day-to-day. AND to stay objective when you’re trying to decipher some health condition you have a problem with – whenever.

It’s the exact analogy I teach to people I work withand I kid you noteach time they’re blown away at how something so simple – can provide so much clarity.

Which of course leads to fewer assumptions and blind spots. And in turn allows you to solve your problems easier, faster, and with less frustration.

Let’s unpack that analogy for you »