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I was fortunate to go through the beta version of Sphere of Influence after many years purchasing anything and everything that Andre has offered. Sphere of Influence sets the stage for everything else – it’s an MBA + PhD education in creating an effective, customer-centric, value-driven business in the 21st century.

More importantly, Sphere of Influence is a way of seeing the world that’ll forever change how you do business, for you and for your customers. Andre has created a masterpiece of deep strategic thinking combined with hard-hitting, practical, actionable advice.

Professionally, I’ve been on the front lines of the Internet marketing community’s evolution over the last two decades and Sphere of Influence represents the new reality of doing business online.

The wild west days are over, replaced with an emphasis on delivering real, sustained value over time to a group of customers you care about.

There is no better guide for your journey into this new world than Andre Chaperon – year after year he has consistently walked his talk living and doing business by the same principles he teaches in Sphere of Influence.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and buy it. It’s worth 1000x the price because the moment you embrace its principles you’ll never be the same again.

—Shawn Twing

Shawn Twing

Cinderella’s Shoe?

You’ve now reached that barrier-to-entry point.

The metaphorical “doorman” at the end of the line before you can get into the exclusive nightclub and become an insider.

This meta-look at SOI has been enough for you to internalize what I’ve said and what I’ve shown you. With enough meat on the bone to freak out any vegan.

Enough real-world insights and info to go and do this yourself if you’re willing to experiment a bit. Some people enjoy the trial-and-error experience of figuring out the “finer details.” If that’s you, awesome. I wish you safe travels.

What’s more, you didn’t NEED to wait to watch four launch-videos to pay out over two weeks. Hell, you’ve not even had to opt-in with a fake email address (shocker!).

So far everything has been rigged in your favor. Just like I teach.

Demonstrate value first, then ask for a commitment later (but only to those people who are the right fit; what I call a “Cinderella’s Shoe” match).

Of course, there’s stuff you don’t know yet. SOI is a big course (30K+ words and a few hours of video).

If you’re wondering if SOI will even work for your unique situation:

It will. 100%. No questions.

If your business has customers who are human and can be reached online, congratulation, you’re in, baby!

I’ve operated in many niches myself — both as an affiliate, and digital product owner — always powered by a version of SOI.

And we’ve got customers across the board (from the couple of hundred who went through the original Pilot version).

Below are just some of these niche markets:

There are hundreds, probably thousands more. Like Rocky Ullah in the basketball space. Or like Cindy in the plant foraging business (yup, that’s a real market).

SOI has been my primary workhorse method for attracting people into our sphere of influence for well over a decade (and will continue to a decade into the future, and beyond).

This isn’t a course about loopholes. There are none.

It’s not a tactics-centric approach.

It’s a strategic customer-centric system that works to build a long-term growth engine, no matter what business you’re in.

(So long as you have a customer-centric mentality, with the guts to deliver true preeminent value to your audience BEFORE asking for anything in return first.)

Here’s the breakdown of the training:

Module 1: Prelude

What it says on the tin. It’s the map, the big picture overview and backstory before I hit you over the head with the how-to details.

Module 2: Belief Reframing

This module is further broken up into seven lessons. This is a critical module, so we go through it bit-by-bit as I lead you further down the rabbit hole that is the “invisible psychology” (the belief reframing) which wraps around a Presell Site.

It includes two exclusive videos from Todd Brown’s $10K per person Big Idea Bootcamp. One of Todd himself, and the other of Rich Schefren.

Module 3: The Art of Preselling

This module is a big one, too. So it’s broken down into eight lessons. Here I break down the framework, the scaffolding, that makes up the workhorse engine of a Presell Site.

WARNING: This is “mind blown” sorta stuff. Just saying.

Module 4: Presell Sites & Worlds

In this six lesson module I teach how I build “Presell Worlds” and how they all work together to establish your overall “Sphere of Influence.”

A Presell Site doesn’t operate in isolation, even though people see them as siloed properties. They’re not. They’re strategic assets within a larger world.

Module 5: Building Your Presell Site

Here you put all your learning into practice and build out your own asset(s).

Module 6: Traffic Strategies for SOI [NEW]

This module is new. It didn’t exist in the Pilot Edition of SOI. It’s broken up into two sections: Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.

I teach the lesson on how to leverage “organic” traffic to acquire new leads into your SOI. This is a “Version 1” lesson, meaning it’s not complete. I plan to further build it out and expand it over the course of 2018.

You’ll get access to all new content upgrades for life. All the trainings we create are a “work-in-progress” and never represent a finished product.

This may seem like an odd thing to say. Not at all. It’s a massive benefit for you.

We’re not in the business of putting a “Version 1” out, then pocketing the cash forever until the course becomes outdated and irrelevant.

We constantly update all our products, and SOI is no exception.

The next part of this module is all on Paid Traffic, and it’s taught by my friend Shawn Twing, one of the top three AdWords/FB ads people on the planet.

Kudos from Stephen Snyder

He’s been running is own paid traffic agency for the past 20 years (since 1999). Yup, that’s a loooooong time.

Make no mistake, this paid module alone is worth thousands (100s of 1000s in your revenue coffers each year when you do what it says on the SOI tin). Which is why we could easily sell this as a standalone traffic course for a thousand bucks. Easily. But that’s not how we roll here.

It’s part of SOI (embedded in the core strategy), and it’s been created by Shawn SPECIFICALLY for SOI (Shawn uses the strategies I teach in SOI for his own high-paying clients traffic engines).

  • Module 1: The Big Picture
  • The 30,000′ view of what it takes to create, test, optimize and scale a paid “traffic engine” for your business.

  • Module 2: Fish Where the Fish Are (Google and Facebook)
  • When American bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks he replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” We’re going to focus on Google and Facebook for the same reason.

    (And once you know how to drive traffic from Google and Facebook, every other opportunity is easier.)

  • Module 3: Give ‘Em What They Want (And Get What You Want)
  • The Wild West days are over. There are no tricks, hacks, or flavor of the day “insider secrets.” The real secret is Google and Facebook want different outcomes for their users. Give ’em what they want and you’ll get rewarded with lower ad costs and more traffic.

  • Module 4: The Problem/Solution Mindset
  • Google search is about active intent. Real people with real problems looking for real solutions right now. Want to know if your SOI has struck a nerve? If you set it up correctly, Google Adwords will let you know in days — maybe hours — if you’re on the right track.

  • Module 5: The Info-Tainment Mindset
  • Facebook is about passive potential interest. Real people who may or may not have interests or problems that you solve, ideas you want to share, and solutions that you offer. “Hey, what’s your problem?” is a real turnoff, but “Hey, this looks interesting…” will attract attention (let’s make sure it’s the right attention to grow your business).

  • Module 6: The Secret Sauce – Behaviorally-Based Retargeting
  • SOI is the perfect strategy to unlock the potential of behaviorally-based retargeting. Your SOI will be setup to filter out the riff-raff at the front door and then gently guide the right people to the finish line, step-by-step, day-after-day. This is where we turn a good traffic strategy into a mind-bending incredible strategy. Buckle up for this module.

  • Module 7: Putting it All Together And Measuring Results
  • Whenever you’re paying for traffic the meter is running and you’re watching money walk out the door. Knowing how much to spend to get the information you need and how to react to that information to create a steady flow of improvements is critical. Only a few things matter when we’re sending paid traffic to our SOI, but those few things matter a lot.

  • Module 8: Optimizing and Scaling Your Traffic Engine
  • Everything you’ve completed prior to module eight has created the foundation to scale your traffic engine.

    Without that foundation, you won’t know exactly which levers to pull to get the results you want. But with that foundation, you’ll have a laser-like focus to answer the two most important questions you’ll need to answer: What, exactly is working? and How, exactly, do I do more of that (and only that)?. When you can answer those questions, the sky is the limit for your business.

Module 7: Funnel Visualization & Tracking

This is a short (but important) lesson on how to track the effectiveness of your presell sites using various tracking and funnel visualization tools (which are all free btw).

I teach the 80/20. So you don’t need a rocket science degree.


We have a private discussion forum set up on the backend exclusively for Sphere of Influence customers (SOI Tribe)

Every lesson is attached to a discussion. So you’ll never be left stuck and on your own.

But the real reason for this private group is for SOI peeps to be able to interact, support and help each other out, and share ideas.

Robert Allen

Justin Brooke

Jack Born from Deadline Funnel about SOI

Kudos from Stephen Snyder

Kudos from Stephen Snyder

Kudos from Arielle Hale

Kudos from Ernie Svenson

Kudos from Marcos Azaro

Does SOI sound like a “Cinderella’s Shoe” fit for you? If so, we’d love you to have you:

Request An Invite »

NOTE: If you don’t receive the invite email within 15 minutes (be sure to check your spam folder), shoot me an email.

Andre Chaperon
— André Chaperon


Back in early 2016, I decided to start the complicated process of “codifying” Sphere of Influence.

As you now know, it’s the process (method) I use to attract people into my fold, rapidly bond with them, and then turn them into SUPER-FANS (meaning they buy everything I put out).

Well, I shared that initial “brain dump” with some of the members of our 1% CLUB (a private community):

This is what they said:


This was incredible! It brings together so many things that I have been thinking about recently. I have so much to say and so much feedback, but I will let it sink in, a little, before I post it.

Having said that, here is my single biggest take-away from it all…

You know when Kevin Spacey playing Verbal Kent in The Usual Suspect says the amazing line:

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist”…

Well, after going through this I would say it this way… “The greatest achievement the best marketer ever did was letting the reader believe marketing didn’t exist”

Thank you for this course Andre. I really appreciate and will use it build awesome things.

— Nate Dye
Nate Dye

Andre, hats off to you. SOI is to launches what ARM was (still is) to those big dinosaur guru email lists — that unpredictable comet that comes out of nowhere and resets everything.

Anyone who’s done their own launch or worked on a client launch can tell you it’s like arm wrestling the love child of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and a giant squid. It’s not going to be pretty and it’s near impossible to get that big win.

SOI changes the game! Low customer pressure (that’s a game changer by itself), automatic lead nurturing, belief chain management and ultimately framing the product as the only solution to the prospects issue!

Those who roll this out will quietly and surely start to dominate their market (and I’ve got three in the build stages already).

— AJ Silvers
Shawn Twing

It’s all about the long-game for me now.

(tips hat to @Andre ). VERY well done sir.

— Lawton Chiles
Lawton Chiles

Now that’s pretty ninja!


(… perhaps I should have started with a BOW!)

E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T !!!

Phew, just been over the whole sequence once again and I’m blown.

There are so many fireworks going off in my head I don’t even know where to start. Will re-look at the whole thing again later this evening and see about adjusting my 12WY plan.

— Boykie

This is an amazing piece of writing and hugely helpful, thanks Andre!

— Jordan Luke Collier
Jordan Luke Collier

@Andre – incredible, dude.

I’ve been hungry for you to teach this and your explanation of it, especially in Part 2 was incredible.

In the 3 years since I niched myself down into providing IM services (ranking, conversion, lead gen) to roofers, I’ve been thinking about the “Frank vs Matt” example and fleshing out the characteristics of each.

Now I’m already seeing how the story will unfold and where I’ll insert it into the story for the launch of my new community for roofing contractors. An incredible Christmas gift. Thank you!

— Scott A Dennison
Scott A Dennison

@Andre – Just finished this training. Well done, Sir!

You’re very generous to give away this wealth of information. It’s invaluable.

I’m not sure if this is intentional, but the most impressive part to me, however, and it’s VERY IMPRESSIVE, is that…

This is by far your best pre-sale site.

Almost every product (plus an affiliate product) is included. Either through Invisible Influence or through your other PS sites that you link to within the training.

Absolute brilliance. It’s like a lesson within a lesson.

You are the Master!

Wishing you and Anita a fantastic weekend.

— Dave “Completely blown away!” Lopez
Dave Lopez


Below are some of the most common questions we’ve received so far:

QUESTION: What’s the difference between ARM and SOI?

ANSWER: I’ll keep this very simple. ARM is all about email (everything that happens AFTER someone adds themself to your email list—it does NOT cover any list building). SOI, for the most part, is everything that happens BEFORE the opt-in.

The SOI & ARM Venn Diagram

ARM and SOI solve two very different problems — but they work TOGETHER like a hand and glove, to create a full ecosystem for:

  1. attracting the best people into your sphere of influence,
  2. shaping their beliefs, worldview, and perceptions,
  3. then using email to deepen and extend that relationship over time.

Both SOI and ARM are strategic frameworks that I developed after been exposed to Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence back in 2004/05.

In a nutshell, SOI is all about creating marketing that affects what people NEED to BELIEVE, REALIZE and AGREE to in ADVANCE before they can ACCEPT the NEED for the product or service you have for sale.

The YELLOW intersection of the Venn diagram above is where SOI and ARM overlap, in the sense that email is the perfect delivery vehicle to use (extend) SOI, to “reshape” what your audience needs to believe in moving closer towards you (your ideas, products and solutions, etc).

QUESTION: Which course should I invest in first, ARM or SOI?

ANSWER: SOI is the “front-end” engine — everything that happens BEFORE the opt-in.

The SOI & ARM Venn Diagram

It covers the entire front-end, from attracting people into your “sphere of influence” through organic and paid traffic channels, to instilling new beliefs that reframes their worldview, and how they see you and your products as the ONLY VIABLE PATH to helping them solve the problems which matter to them.

It’s how you attract new people into your world and filter out everyone else. So that when someone adds themselves to your email list, they’re hyper-targeted and you own (because you have earned) their attention.

ARM is the “back-end” engine — everything that happens AFTER the opt-in.

It covers how to use story-driven email and marketing automation to build trust and deepen the relationship you have with your audience.

It’s the combination of SOI + ARM what closes the loop on an end-to-end marketing methodology.

As to which training you should invest in FIRST?

That depends on where you see the most significant opportunity for leverage right now.

If you already have a sizable email list, but your email marketing efforts (and results) are underwhelming, then perhaps get ARM first.

However, if your lead quality is low and too broad, then SOI is probably the better leverage point to focus on first so that you can work to attract BETTER people into your business.

QUESTION: Will SOI teach me how to find a market/niche/audience?


SOI requires that you already have an audience that you attract and serve (in the same way that AutoResponder Madness presumes you already have an email list of subscribers and customers; it doesn’t teach list building).

SOI will teach you a new way of attracting (pulling) better more qualified people into your fold (but, again, you do already need to know who you’re serving).

It’s an add-on to what you’re already doing.

A multiplier.

It doesn’t require that you stop or mess which whatever you already have in place.

If you don’t yet know how to find a niche audience to serve long-term, then later this year I’ll be creating a standalone course that will teach this. Unofficially I’ve called this the First 10 True Fans Project. If this interests you, you can find out more about it here.

QUESTION: Is TAE (Tiny Asset Engines) and SOI the same thing? If not, will SOI teach me how to create a TAEs?

ANSWER: TAE is a component of SOI. An add-on.

SOI comes first. It’s the strategic framework, the scaffolding.

When you think and operate in this way, it will allow you to take what’s taught in SOI, and apply it in a million different (unique) ways.

Unique ways that’ll allow you to stand out in the crowd. Unique ways that will have your audience thinking of you as the ONLY VIABLE PATH to helping them solve the problems which matter to them.

Once you understand how to create your own “sphere of influence” powered by presell sites, TAE can be layered on.

And yes, how to create a TAE is included within SOI as a bonus lesson.

QUESTION: Does SOI and ARM overlap?

ANSWER: Yes and no.

No in the sense that they teach and focus on entirely different parts of your marketing and business systems.

Yes in the sense that they’re both built on top of an underlying philosophy that shapes how we choose to do business (strategy of preeminence).

QUESTION: What is the format of SOI?

ANSWER: 90% of the training is long-form text (published as web-content) written by yours truly.

There’s also about six-hours of video:

  • Two presentations; one of Todd Brown, one of Rich Schefren, both taken from Todd’s $10K Big Idea Bootcamp which I attended in January 2015,
  • and six other private (internal) videos from Agora Financial’s Copy Camp.
  • NOTE: None of the videos above are available for purchase anywhere on the internet. These are “closed door session” videos that I have been kindly allowed to share with our SOI peeps.
We Have Been Featured In & Presented At