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First 10 True Fans Project (formerly TLB 2.0)

UPDATE (14 March 2018):

We released TLB 1.0 (The Course) back in 2011. We had a good run with it, putting about 5,000 people through the seven-month training.

People loved it.

For some, it changed their lives. Because they realized a dream of earning an independent living online by serving an audience and mattering to them.

But TLB 1.0 was limited in the sense that it only addressed affiliate marketing (on purpose, initially).

We always meant to expand it.

To teach how to create something that people wanted to buy; to invest in. To help solve interesting problems that mattered to the people we cared to serve.

Sadly, because the project was such a massive undertaking, it just never got traction. I kept putting it off.

In 2016 I shut down the TLB 1.0 training.

There were too many parts of it what needed updating, and I didn’t want just to just update the training. I wanted to CHANGE the whole f#ck thing. So pulling it off the market was just easier.

I now get asked a lot about when I plan to release TLB 2.0 (The Updated Course).

In 2017 I kept saying, “Soon.” “Not long now.”

But it never happened (not from lack of trying though).

In January 2018 I had a genius idea. 😎

Instead of trying to “eat the whole elephant” at once, so to speak, why not just focus on one piece that I could “eat,” then release that?

Something more manageable.

Which lead to the next question, “What is the essential piece to focus on first?” The one “theme” that would deliver the most impact and change in people?

It was simple in the end.

The beginning.

Finding (choosing) an audience (a “pocket of people”) to serve, then validating whether they’re worth serving (whether an exchange of value can be delivered and captured).

In a nutshell…

A process to create your FIRST 10 CUSTOMERS.

But not just customers.

True Fans!

There’s a difference, and that difference matters.

This won’t be called TLB 2.0; that name is too confusing (because since releasing that original course, TLB has become our brand; the umbrella for all our courses).

The new name hasn’t been decided on (yet).

For now, unofficially, I’ll refer to it as, First 10 True Fans Project.”

I’ll start work on this right after I’ve finished with the major update to ARM (AutoResponder Madness).

I’m always reluctant to put out an ETA on work like this. It’s hard work, and hard work tends to have a life of its own.

Suffice to say, if I had a gun to my head, I would “guesstimate” an ETA to be nearer the end of 2018.

Sooner being a bonus. Something I’ll shoot for.

We’ll see.

I’ll keep this page updated. No need to email me about this. Just look here.

I’m excited about the narrower undertaking.

— Andre “true fans project” Chaperon

Andre Chaperon

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